Anyone a member of NAMRI?

Wondering if any one is a member of NAMRI and if so, what is your experience. Some of the information sounds good but wanted to see how it works out in real life.

I’m a member, but I haven’t really done anything with it so far. It seems pretty dead over there…

I would say that NORMI has much more to offer than NAMRI, if you are not a member already.

The CMI does the investigation of IAQ/Mold Problems and develops an IAQ Profile for the purpose of recommending, based on NORMI® criteria, either Sanitization or Remediation solutions. The CMI has demonstrated in-field proficiency in the entire investigative process by completing actual inspections in the field.

Looks like there could be some confusion with the CMI

CMI for Certified Mold Inspector has been used longer than CMI for Certified Master Inspector

But Certified Master Inspector has the trade mark rights. Big difference.