Anyone Care to Guess?

I’ll give you some background that may help.

This was a new development in Los Angeles in a large area never before built upon (there aren’t many such areas in LA), not far from LAX.

These “vents” were placed about 100 feet apart on the rear fence lines of the properties. They terminate about 10 feet above finished grade. Any guess as to what they are for?

I’ll post additional pictures later on that will answer the question for you.

Vent methane from a prior landfill?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking…a dump site.

Well that was no fun. You get many of these in TX Michael?

My guess, too . .

Wow…my guess too…apparently we are a gassy bunch!

In Albany many years ago, townhouses where built on an old landfill. One am somebody was making toast and boom

No, I’ve never really seen such an arrangement but your clue was a little too good I think. :slight_smile:

Are those vents as close to the windows as they look?

I thought former dump/methane. Maybe someone should tap the gas and generate electricity. That is what they are doing with former dumps in parts of Ontario.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

About 20 feet or so to the windows. . . Slabs were vented through the attics. . .

Jeff, is there living area below grade in this development?

Nope, nothing below grade.

You finally found the Zinsc:shock: landfill???

And there still cookin…??? :-;;




We had an old dump in Jersey City that burned underground for over 20 years, back around 1990 some politician ran on a Putting-Out-The-Dump-Fire ticket and won. He made good on his promise and the place was never the same again. Sigh…:slight_smile:

\:D/ I got it right didn’t I \:D/

If that flue vent pipe is not venting a hot Zinsco in Santa Zinsco Clarita…I’ll…](*,)

This has something to do with a Zinsco…you watch, I’m gonna figure it out.

I’m going to the CPSC website…I’ll bet it is a new recall for some sort of a contraption related to a cooling system for a Zinsco or Federal Pacific…:arrow:

Your not stumping me Jeff…-X

Landfill, how was the smell?

Gives new meaning to the phrase “what a dump”

Hmmmmmmm. The movie I watched a few days ago seemed to indicate that they were to allow the spirits from the cemetary to escape from under the subdivision that had been built on top of their graves.