Anyone do EMF Testing as and Add-On?

I had a request today and it got me thinking. In doing some quick internet searching there are a lot of inexpensive testers but I’m wondering just what is sufficient to use for our purposes. Also, I’m curious how the findings would be documented - are any SOPs about testing a house? Number of readings, locations, etc.?

Just me, but I wouldn’t touch it. Too much ambiguity on the topic which is not proven. But, do what you want and make sure your E&O covers it. :wink:


A recent thread that you may have already read, but just in case…

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Isn’t this service now available through GrubHub?? :wink:


Thanks everyone - good info and great link, Ryan. Yeah, I guess I hadn’t thought of the expectations and type of client that would come along with this. Probably best to steer clear. Whenever I get a request for something the business owner in me wants to look into it. Also, this is in Maui where people with some seriously deep pockets buy houses and they are willing to pay for just about any service if they think they need it.

Funny timing too - I’m in the middle of, “Better Call Saul” (which is great btw) and it reminds me of the main character’s brother who claims to have problems being around electricity. The crap he does to stay away from it is pretty funny.

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I haven’t researched the topic much, just what I’ve read here on the forum. Seems a lot of people think there is something to it. I suppose if a person can get trained in it and find a reputable tool to measure it, why not do it? :man_shrugging:

Matt did You move to California ???

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“Observed higher than normal EMF readings. Appropriate mediation is recommended.”


Use to, no more.

I go back and forth between Maui and Oregon.

I’ve only had one request. I declined but accepted the home inspection. The subsequent experience with the client made me wish I had declined all of it.


And when you say “WTF” when you get to the property…