Anyone else considering pest control as side business?

In Kansas we are required by law to be licensed to apply pesticide to even do a wdo inspection, any other states have these same requirements? Just wondering if any other home inspectors have pondered the idea of doing pest control on the side as well…

Same in Florida - it’s a good law that’s not easily understood.
Never considered it a side job :cowboy_hat_face:

Additional liability, even micro dosages over long periods of time of pesticide landing on the skin greatly increases the risk of cancer. As in micro does, just taking your PPE off incorrectly. If you have a spray suit that is washable. It contaminates your clothes and your families.

I did, and there is decent profit in it but also health risk. Just don’t buy a franchise and upsell auxiliary services. Termite bait traps have a good markup and recurring income.

Father is a retired PhD toxicologist and talked me out of it with all the case studies of pesticide application.

Never heard of a trap please go on & explain.
ps… I’ve been in the PC industry along with tens of millions of other professionals & never contaminated my family or got ill.
Depends on how one manages the process.


I probably used the wrong term. Bait station or monitoring stations is probably more correct. You can swap out to a pesticide once evidence is found.

Chronic affects of pesticides can take years. Boils down to toxicity x exposure. Farm hands have a high cancer rate due to exposure of chemicals over the years.

Your not guaranteed to get cancer from working in the pesticides field. There are smokers who never get cancer. It just isn’t a risk I’m willing to take.

“Farm hands” are not licensed Pest/Termite Control Operators.
Again, it takes years from not handling pesticies properly.
The exteemely small amount that have negative effects.
But that’s OK ~ WELCOME!
Have fun & lookout for weekly fun

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Maryland has the same laws with the same reasons. Just because you do termite inspections doesn’t mean you have to do pesticide applications. Just farm it out. Most homebuyers just want the NPMA33 to negotiate the sale. Just like Radon. You don’t have to do mitigation just to do a Radon test.

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Hard to compete with the bottom-feeder national franchises in most areas. I’m actually licensed as a pest control applicator in Oregon for our Dept. of Agriculture for FHA/VA WDI/WDI inspections but have never considered actually doing the work. Too messy through the HI SOPs with doing work on houses I inspect, it doesn’t pay well and honestly in Oregon we just don’t find that much activity. If anything, I’d get into rodent baiting/treatment. Those little bastards are everywhere!