Anyone else have an issue with ProLab?

I ordered a vac pump from them when I was at COA show in Las Vegas. That was late October. I called them mid-November, when I hadn’t received it yet. They had forgot to ship it! So a week later, I get a vac pump in the mail. Its used and had mud on the case-- it was a unit that another inspector had sent in for a calibration. They accidentally sent me someone else’s pump. They send me a label to ship it back to them. So today, I call to ask where my pump is. The manager tells me"looks like we forgot about it again".

Are you serious?? I order that thing almost 2 months ago! I have never used Prolab for mold samples, and after this I never will. They seem very disorganized.

I had ordered samples from them and never got them. I’ve called before and had to leave a message and never got a return call. I switched over to EMSL after I needed to test for formaldehyde and manganese. EMSL sent me the pumps I needed already calibrated for each test at no charge, just paid shipping. They’ve been easy to work with and time efficient

at the top of this page is a search .You might get the info you want by putting Prolab in the search engine Good luck… Roy
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That seems to be the next logical choice. I haven’t read anything negative about EMSL.

I used Pro-Lab once, about 7 years ago. Never again. Constantly received sales calls for about a year following.

I have been using EMSL for years, and have NEVER had a bad experience. Their customer service is top notch. I have recommended them frequently, and have never heard a negative review from those I have referred to them.

I purchased a long-term radon gas kit from Pro-Lab at Home Depot to test my basement, did the 3 months test sent it to them and about a month later got the result by email saying that the test device is expired and are unable to report a result…

There is no expiry date on the test kit so I guess I will be returning the kit to Home Depot for a refund.

I will never use them again. They overcharge and also my prepaid count was always short. I now use Hayes and have been very happy with them.

Emlab has been good for me.

Any link to Hayes?

You want those alphabetically or order of importance? :slight_smile: