Anyone ever heard of a Mansurd Shingle, (not roof) as opposed to Ashphalt shingle.

I did a Home Inspection with this type of Shingle and was told by the listing agent it was called a Mansurd shingle. Was very thick and fibrous, material which seemed to feel like soggy cardboard. It was raining during the Inspection so it felt slippery also. I will attach a couple pictures. If anyone has information or knowledge about this type of shingle, I would love to learn about it!

They look like the shingles made from recycled and shredded tires. Most likely the Realtor is passing on what they were told. Sure it is a Mansard Shingle roof, as opposed to a Mansard Shake roof. But I wouldn’t say there are “mansard shakes” or in this case “mansard shingles”.

They look like a product I worked with in St Charles IL about 20 years ago. If it is the same product they were Masonite panels. Similar exposure as shingles but longer and more lap.

Here is a Woodruff shingle:

There was a class action lawsuit over them. Claims ended last year.

More about roof inspections:

Nick you got me now I need to take another NACHI course. LOL Thank you for pushing