Unknown roofing material

Anyone have any idea what type of roofing material this is. The Realtor, Client, and I all thought that it was Cal-Shake, but we found some extra shingles out back, and it’s a plastic material (see photos). The identifying marks on them read “Owens-Corning C-1-B” and that’s it.



Hey Russel,
Can you try uploading the pics instead of linking to them? This is what I got when I clicked on them.

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The requested URL /pics/Roof shingle rear.jpg was not found on this server.

A google search in Canada for ( Owens-Corning C-1-B) turned this up

Structure of a cellulose II-hydrazine complexPresent address: Owens-Corning Fiberglas, Inc., Technical Center, Granville, Ohio C1B. 0.57792. 0.51781. -0.36508. C2B. 0.72732. 0.5850 1. -0.26954
doi.wiley.com/10.1002/bip.360220510 - Similar pages


The links worked for me @ 9PM EST Sunday night. Those shingles are new to me.


There are all kinds of synthetics shakes being produced. Many are from recycled materials; plastic, rubber tires, metal, you name it, they are making roofing materials out of them. This is just one of the websites I found. I have a free subscription to Roofing magazine.


MiraVista Shake Roof.

Not a good thing…


You got to it before I had actually uploaded the pictures. Not so fast, my friend! Try now.

That’s exactly what it is. In fact, this picture from that web site could have been taken by me at the inspection today since the roof looked exactly like that.

Thanks, Joe.

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It’s been a long late day for me as well, but it looks like you got your answer - Miravista Shake.

This is Cal-Shake (from today). It’s very porous and lightweight. Easily damaged, absorbs water. . . all in all, just a bad roofing material.








This is Cal-Shake (from today). It’s very porous and lightweight. Easily damaged, absorbs water. . . all in all, just a bad roofing material[

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Jeff, the product in those pictures is no longer Manufacturered I hope, or is it?

Sure looks like a crappy material.

Come across the product often?

Just curious.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The Cal-Shake brand is no longer in production, however, similar composite materials are still being produced and installed.

They’re all terrible as far as I’m concerned, and in most cases, I won’t walk on them. In this particular instance, the moisture level was high enough that the material was “pliable.” Rather than cracking and breaking (as it does when it’s dry), it would bend and rebound.

Here are some other similar brands that are subject to class action law suits. . .

American Cemwood Tile http://www.cemwoodclaims.com/

Firefree Roofing Tile http://www.firefreeclaims.com/

Natureguard (included in the MiraVista Class Action) http://www.miravistaclassaction.com/productid.html

I do not believe MiraVista (Owens Corning) is currently in production.