Masonite Woodruf Roofing

Does anyone have any experience with Masonite Woodruf Roofing? I’ve read the info about the class action suit –

and I have a buyer who is convinced they have one of these roofs. In three years of inspecting here in Utah this is the first one I’ve run across (most everything here is asphalt shingle, flat, or wood shake.) I have a roofing contractor coming tomorrow to verify the material. What have y’all found concerning this type of stuff?

Here’s a site with pics…

After all the Masonite issues in the past, any roofing manufacturing firm that decides to come out with a Masonite roofing material, deserves to be in claims court.

Here are some pics from the roof – this is the same material as the masonite woodruf then?



That’s the stuff !!!