Help with roof covering


Inspection today. Came across a roof covering that I don’t see very often. Are these mineral fiber shingles? Might they be a different type of asphalt shingle?
Adding more information: The shingles were not brittle like cement. BTW, I looked at a copy of the invoice (1989) which said - “Roof with Wood appearance” That’s it.
Thanks in advance

Here are some more images

Look like they are a wood fiber pressed product put out by Masonite corp and named “Woodruf”. It has a class action settlement against it…see:

Sure does look ugly.

Thank you Brian! Looks like you’ve nailed it. Was not expecting a roof covering with a class action settlement :shock:
Thank goodness I told the client that I was not familiar with the product and that I would have to do some research. Also, there was more info at :