Anyone experience that earthquake in California?

Big one.

I’m in Riverside County, nothing felt here. Earthquakes are so common here, I generally don’t even feel them.

E ticket ride.

Did not feel it in Modesto. I was building a credit union in Santa Cruz in 89 when that one hit. We are going to Napa in a day or two to see and hopefully learn a few things.

My daughter lives 60mi from Napa and said the bed was shaking like crazy but rest of the family slept through it.
There is actually a record of exact percentages I saw thanks to smart watch sleep monitoring which keeps records. I saw over 80 percent in Napa and about 50 percent in SF.

Here it is …

No felt nothing here in the Serria Nevada foothills. But did see the news…They are comparing it to the 1989 Loma Pretta earth quake…I was in that one. If that’s the case, It was a whole lot of Rock and Roll.

I helped with earthquake assessment, in Vallejo, Ca. Typical damage, included parapet walls on commercial buildings, and chimney structural failure on residential buildings.

I was recently in an earth quake here in the Dominican Republic. I heard some deep popping noise and then all of sudden my bed started bouncing up and down a few times. Then it was over. I was in the third story of a block building. It was a 4.8 and no one was hurt.