Winter time bow hunt

When you can sneak away from writing reports and the ice is too thin for fishing this is what you can do.

You just killed Bambi:shock:

Bruce sweet buck congrats. Hopefully I can get out soon. Really miss it.

Nice! Christmas dinner is going to be good.

No Christmas for you Rudolph is dead;-)

Very nice, Bruce. Congratulations! Had you been watching him long?

It might sound as if I am against hunting deer, not really I just quit years ago because I had some city slicker tried to crawl into my deer stand with me in it.

I went home and have not been back to the deer woods since.

Yes it is a nice Buck:D

Charlie did he have a clown suit on? it might be someone we all know lol

Nice Buck Bruce, but his nose don’t shine anymore. :):wink:

Maintain your hunting skills. You might need them to survive one day if a financial or natural disaster strikes. Bruce, if you can think of anything to add to let me know. Stock up on arrows too.

Anyway, I’m an animal rights activist who in the past, was mistakenly against hunters. Then I discovered how veal is produced and realized how wrong I had been, and why ordering veal at a restaurant is one of the most horrible things a human being could do.

Now I’m a hunter’s rights advocate. Kind of worked out well since I’m a gun right’s advocate too.

This was the second Buck this year for my buddy and I. This one this last evening he took the other was a four point. Oh yeah a lot of hours went into this one we knew there was a bigger buck in the area and it finally happened at -16 after 2 very cold hours in the stands. Public land with other hunters, horse trails and people walking dogs all over.

That big neck will make an awsome roast. Last one I had sat all night and day in a crock pot.

Awesome my Daughter said NIIIICE. She almost got her first duck today at age 7.

Scared the heck out of 2 :slight_smile: