Anyone love or hate TapInspect?

If you are using TapInspect, I would love to hear from you.

I’m a new inspector, just launching my business. After trying a bunch of report writers and software suites I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m looking for a solution that is simple but capable of handling the back office essentials (Scheduling, pre-inspection agreements sent automatically, receiving payments, etc) while having a great looking report writer. So far TapInspect is my favorite. Really hoping to get this decision right so I can avoid switching systems anytime during the first couple years.

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Good luck on your new adventure! As for choice of software… good luck with that as well. It seems to be a sore subject on the message boards. :sweat_smile:


Focus on the Report Generation feature for your decision!
Most all softwares have Back Office features or integration of some sort.
Remember, if the software sux to use, and it doesn’t perform or create a quality product that your CLIENTS are happy with, (not necessarily Realtors!), then IMO, all those fancy features some rely on are totally worthless.
The Report containing the information you observed is the Product that YOUR CLIENTS are paying you for. Everything else is just a convienence (for you!). There are hundreds/thousands of options out there, but your ONE Client at that moment is all that matters. Take care of them by providing the best Product possible.


I use TapInspect. It’s very easy to customize. I lay out my inspection software to mirror my inspection routine.

My clients enjoy how simple it is to read the report, not a bunch of fancy BS just a list of components with defects and photographs.

I have a number of different templates that I have customized according to local SOP. I have templates for pre-drywall inspections, residential homes, condo, and manufactured homes. I have created all of my owned templates along with my own narratives.


As for “back office” stuff I have little interest in one company having total control of my business. I schedule on the phone with the client or their representative. I use my bank for merchant account because I get a better rate. And collect the money in person.


I’m going to put in a shameless plug for Inspector Toolbelt here. I co-founded ITB with Ian Robertson (CMI) a few years ago, we launched our inspection tool in 2021 and we’re growing at a pretty impressive rate!

Ian and I are the owners, we are developing new features and release updates once a month. We’re always open to feedback for new features. We can get you scheduled for a free 1:1 onboarding session.

We don’t share data with anyone.


I completely agree. I have already tried and discarded several options because I didn’t like the way the reports came out, and didn’t have enough control over the software to modify the appearance of the end results.

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My first reaction to your software was very positive. I’m having some issues adding images from IOS. I’ll be in touch.

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I hear ya. I’m looking for simplicity in solutions because the back office stuff is the part of the business I have the least interest in. Spending time making sure integrations are talking to each other is the last thing I need to spend time doing, at the moment.

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That’s great to hear! Please reach out at any time. My email address is on my profile page. We do not have any known iOS photo issues in the current build, but I’d be more than happy to check what is going on for you.