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We are considering changing software for our inspections. We are currently using Inspect It, I like the layout with Inspect It and the fact that it grades everything as satisfactory marginal or poor. My clients love that is very detailed with room to room reporting. I don’t like the amount of time it takes to do the reports and it seems to be behind the curve technology wise. Is there any software out there that is using a similar grading format but is more user friendly with better technology? Let me know what you are using and why.

Most “professional” report software allows the user to custom tailor their reports to damned near anything they want, such as with Home Inspector Pro.

Go here to download a FREE Trial version:

Check out some sample reports here:

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To most of us, that question is kinda like the movie Groundhog Day. Same with Home advisor and Angie’s List.

Taps Inspect is the only way to go kind sir

Tap Inspect is great! It gives you plenty of options to customize your reports and I have had nothing but positive feedback from clients.

only available for iPad or iPhone

Taps Inspect is also a dream for multi family inspections

Show us your sample report.

Tap Insp is awesome!!!

Spectora is light years ahead of everything else on the market. It’s new so a lot of people haven’t tried it yet. It is expensive though.

We use Spectora here and it is amazing. You can build templates to fit your needs (it also has Internachi’s pre-built templates). While it is pricey the software also has features that allows the realtor to build “repair request reports” straight out of your inspection report (no more cutting and pasting for realtors… they LOVE it)! Those added benefits more than make up for the price.

I have been using (CD) Discover Horizon. A versatile Home Inspection Reporting and Home Inspection Business Software. At $750.00 US annually I feel very comfortable with affordability and Home Inspection Reports are stored for 7 years at no extra cost.
Call Carson Dunlop and talk to John, front man and been at CD for >< 2 decades, or Arron at: (866-303-7999) or (tel:1-866-303-7999). Both are very reliable professionals and able to answer any questions you have.

Very versatile. Inspection/Inspector Scheduler. Tracts Inspectors, Inspection by Date and Time, Clients, Brokers, Civic address, Types of Inspections, Time Per Inspection, Which Inspector Inspected, Cost Per Inspection, Set Up Federal, State/Provencal Taxes, Sales Graph, Fiscal Year Sales, Fiscal Year Comparisons, on and on and on.

Other than (CD) Discover Horizon, I would use HIP, Home Inspection Pro.

All the best with your business, Harvey. Keep up the great work.

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