Anyone recognize this underlayment?

I know the picture is terrible. I am hoping someone is familiar with the logo.

A bit of history with this. During the pre-drywall inspection, the builder stated they were using a new underlayment which was “water proof” because construction was delayed and they needed to dry in the roof while awaiting materials.

Thanks in advance

Just a synthetic underlayment, not sure the brand though

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Is it stapled? I don’t see cap nails. Would keep water out if installed correctly and where is the ice and water shield at the edges?

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Hard to tell from pic, but maybe MFM Ultra HT?

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Brian is in Georgia, ice and water shield not required down there at the eaves

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Thanks Adam, it has a black underside. Not something that is often used here in my area.

So, the issue is this. The underside of the roof decking has condensation issues despite good ventilation. This underlayment is unconventional in Atlanta. I think I have a vapor permeability issue.

I do not know. My vantage point of the roof was a million miles away. That is my 50x zoom camera.

I am looking at that now on Google. Self adhesion and black backing makes sense.

I am reading on it now. If it is water proof, it will explain my permeability problem.

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Looks like a peel & stick underlayment.

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Peel and stick then no fasteners to worry about

Then there is this which blows up my theory when good ventilation is present.

Peal and stick only in the valley. The rest is not, I bet it’s stapled on. I did roofing and construction for 28 years. Peal and stick does not have logos on it.

I beg to differ. All the tile/metal roof peel & stick underlayment down here has logos and writing all over it.

We don’t have that around here, very few tile roofs in my area. 99% asphalt 1% everything else.