Anyone seen Form-A-Drain?

I came across this yesterday on a draw inspection. Interesting product.

This footing form system stays in place an provides foundation drainage.
Link to product.



‘Tis a nice product! I like the cross drain in the second pic. I have been recommending a cross drain every 8-10’ in standard footings for 20 or so years…this system makes it easy.

Wonder if accepted by codes now to replace 4" drainage pipe required at footings?

I talked to the foundation contractor on the site being the curious guy I am.:wink:

He told me cost more but he doesn’t have to pull and clean form boards and you also don’t have to rely on the drain tile installer to get the tile level and the gravel bed right. He puts the drain basket in and makes the terminations.
If I ever build again I will specify this product. It can also be adapted for Radon control easily.
It should be better than a single 4" drainage pipe as it drains both sides of the footing. Sweet.

What are you calling a “drain basket”?

Sorry, I meant to type sump basket.