Anyone seen this before and know what it is?

During an inspection, I came across this item behind the finished drywall in the basement. It appears to be some kind of pump that is stilling on a wooden shelf. It was too far away from the opening to get a close look - had to zoom in with the camera for pics. Asked a couple inspectors around here and they were all unfamiliar with it.

Cerytainly looks like a pump. Inlet is the pipe in front with the valve, outlet is the pipe to the right. Where did the pipes go to?


This wasin a narrow space between the foundation and drywall about 15 feet from the opening so I could not get access to see where the pipes went. Wondering if it is even still in use or something that was left behind when they put up the drywall.

It is worth reporting that you saw it and recommend that your client ask the owner about it e.g. What it is?, Is it still in use?, etc. IMHO…YMMV


I discussed this with the client during the inspection. Will heed your advice and advise them to talk to the seller about what it may be. Thank you.

Reminds me of an old manual activated, water powered, “backup” sump pump.

I am with Robert on this. Inline water pressure booster pump.