Report writing may change forever

There is a radical new way to capture all the information at an inspection and I will definitely be looking into how this new software can change the way I photograph my report.

You can know take a buch of pictures of a room and turn it into a 3D paradise or virtual environment that allows you to see an entire area while focusing at a click on a closeup .

Watch this short 3 minute video and get ready to change your report style.*

This just might be what we are all looking for.

Interesting tool.

Im not sure if will I ever use it in a report, I could see it as a marketing tool for Realtors.

It seems to have potential and I shall report some more, as I look into this new tech.

Let me know when your 3-D paradise and virtual environment are done. :wink:

You are being far to critical over a new tech that you know nothing about.

I bet your grandpa said those darn horseless carriages would never fly and those IR guys sure waste a lot of time showing rainbows.:smiley:

I know what the links you sent said. I’ll wait for you to get this done and show value to the client and I’ll be right there with ya.

I know you had a BETAMAX machine, didn’t ya. :wink:

BTW, my grandpa had cars. Your grandpa must have been much older than mine. :wink:

You got something against Laser Disk?

My grand Pa had the best Studebaker money can buy.

This synth example is very cool and all you do is click on the right side thumbs which contain the captions.
Does not take much imagination to figure how this could be done as part of a report.

The following is one I did as a first time try with 25 pictures.

Kind of like infrared… Very cool.

I like it…that’s pretty cool Bob!!

I need to see if there is a way to make the captions stand out better and make the thumbs larger.

Nothing white, nothing one color, No water!!!
could be interesting if they can work that out.

What they are pointing out is that it works with texture Jeff.
If you take a picture of a bath tub or anything else for that matter it will still show up as normal but remember that the software needs node points to adjust where in the graphic you are. So if you took a picture of a white canvas how could it know what part of the canvas you are on with no marks or patterns to go by.

Ever see a good picture of a white fence in a snow storm?:stuck_out_tongue:

Same with water since if you take a picture of it the reflection creates totally different patterns continuously so a picture needs some stability in the shot.

After seeing your synth I agree with this.

And don’t get me wrong, Techno Bob, it is really cool technology.

2:20 into it:

Looks cool Bob, but that’s got to be extremely time consuming. How long did the 25 photo one take?

Uploaded all 25 at 3 MB @ 15 seconds.
May depend on your computer as they say Quad core is optimal but 2.0 is recommended on the processor.

Lets face it that you will have min requirement if you are into it anyway :mrgreen:

Nick that is a dead link for me (rather a dead video)

Click the right arrow (play) in the lower left of the online screen…

Still black screen but maybe …ah ha tried it on my old laptop and got it.
Must need to download a player to my new desktop.

Yes that is cool Nick but it is nice I do not need a studio filled with expensive equipment to do this.
Any cheap digital is fine.:):):slight_smile: