Anyone try the new fusion type infrared cameras?

… or know anything about them?

I didn’t see whether it was an arm or arm and a leg. Have that info? Thanks.

By fusion do you mean digital and IR image synced?

or some other technology?

Synced picture technology has been around for years…prices have been coming down…120x120 or 120x160 start at around $11,000-13,000 depending on manufacture and go up from there

Very nice camera and fusion technology is great. They’re only 20 grand a piece.

I think I’ll purchase a few of them…Ya right.

The Fluke R2FT, 160x120 is about $10,950, the Fluke R3FT 320x240 is about $16,450.

The FLIR B360 320x240 is about $16,500.

All of those above do fusion of visible light and infrared images.

Mikron has cameras that do a digital visible light picture and infrared at the same time but don’t actually fuse them into one image. That capability is supposed to be available soon. The Mikron 7815B 320x240 with visible and infrared can be had for $11,863 and the 7816 160x120 for $7,413 but it does not have a visible camera.

I have tried them and, while it’s a nice feature, it is not really necessary for inspection work. The only advantage it brings to an inspection is the ability to dazzle the client. It adds nothing to interpretation or accuracy.

I would rather spend money on more resolution.

Hope this helps;

The technology does help folks relate to where the defect is located. These examples were borrowed from the Fluke forums. They obviously are not of homes. Overpriced techno flash or useful enhancment? It’s a matter of your needs and perspective. One place where it is truly useful is in doing equine thermography since the hot (or cold) anomolies may be very small and locating exactly where they are on the horse is important.

The last image of the hot compressor head is an example of alpha blending where the IR image is shown partially transparent.

On the subject of more resolution vs fusion, I don’t know of a 160x120 other than the Flukes that does fusion. The FLIRS and Mikrons are all 320x240 or larger. FLIR and Mikron have some 640x480 cameras that are really nice and really $$$$$.

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