Sewer cam

Any of you do sewer cam inspections? What level of equipment do you need and how much do you charge?

I do not, but most plumbing companies in my area charge $75/hr plus travel fees. At that rate, it’s not worth my time and tool expense to offer the service. I simply pass along the information to my client.

If I was a young man starting out in this business there are two add on that I would include with what I already have which is Radon, mold and IR I have left many thousands of $ on the table by not including termites and camera scans as part of the business. I have a lot of slab floors with supply air ducts beneath the slab and with sewer lines it would have been profitable. Plumbers in my area charge a minimum of $200.00 for a camera scan. One stop shopping

I simply contract with others for video inspection. 2 different companies one for drains and another for ducts.