Anyone watch Oddities ?

Looks perfect for the articulated skeleton collection.
What is this creature I found under the porch of a 100 year old building ?

My guess is a sheep.

My almost 7 year old and I watch it all the time. It is one show we both enjoy :slight_smile:

I am guessing its an opossum.


That is what I thought it might be.
Do they dig into the ground as well ?
I found a hole that went deep and large under there .

It continued well past where I could see at a 45 degree angle straight down.

Had one in a hole under a stump in my backyard at one time. He got a bit agitated when I poked him with a stick.

I watch oddities on the message board all the time.:p:p

Just had a good laugh.
Seller rep asked for a copy of that picture and I sent it
with the message…
“Thanks for being patient”


Did you get it a bowl of water? It looks a bit dehydrated