Reporting Devices

I am considering going with HG, but I am curious what devices others are using to complete their reports. I currently have a MacBook, so that is one of my hesitations as I will have to get a new windows based lap top of some sort. I will share a few options that I am considering.
Option 1- getting a laptop and having it in a central location on site then taking pics with a digital camera, going back to lap top after completing a section of the house or two and uploading my pics and filling things in. Then just doing finishing touches when back at the office.
Option 2- Using the companion on my phone making voice notes and such then uploading to the cloud and finishing the report when I get back to my office. With this if my phone crashed I could still have my lap top with me and a digital camera then resort back to option one if needed. This option I feel like I would have more to finish on the report. When I leave the house I only have my pictures and my notes.
Option 3- Getting a 2 in 1 like a surface pro or similar and using that to complete my inspection when I could carry it around and using my phone for the tighter areas. Then attaching the key board to fill everything in when back at the office. I am worried using something like this would be a little small for completing the report.

I am very open to suggestions and hearing how others are operating.

Thank you

Stick with your Macbook and go with Home Inspector Pro report software which is Apple compliant!

Hi Jason,
Withstanding the troll that goes to other software forums HomeGauge is the most versatile of programs and has great built in marketing features for your customers with “real html” that allows expanding pictures to hi resoultion, and a great experience on your customers phone which by the way 4 out of 10 of your home buyers will view your report for the first time on their phone.

I know there are some mac lovers out there and while we may build for a mac in the future, choosing a windows laptop is like using a tool for your business. You can always use the mac for every other thing in your life. As a contractor I liked the Makita skill saw but I also have a Dewalt and both can cut a 2x4.

All three methods you describe work and work well. The HG Companion for Android is getting an update soon to be announce this week in the Facebook HomeGauge users group first before we release to everyone. The fear of a small device will soon go away as soon as you try it. One special feature HomeGauge has is when the report with pictures taken in the Companion device is opened on the laptop you can select “Edit all pics” and like rapid fire HG will take you to each picture as fast as you can add an arrow and select next.

You can experiment with a full trial version of both the main HomeGauge and the Companion. Sign up at HomeGauge with a username and you can experiment with the cloud service too. Try out the HomeGauge staff as we now have 20 employees and soon to hire another.

Agent love and you can have your own custom CRL link to show all your agents how they can save an hour or more per report.

HG still not apple compatible? Hmmm.

It is posts like this why HomeGauge will never earn my business. I received a FREE (Nachi version) of HG (what it was worth) software back in 2007, tried it, and it majorly suked!

This “troll” (as the sour grapes purveyor of “bringing up the rear” software vendors likes to refer to anybody that doesn’t drink his tainted koll-aid), is only looking out for other Nachi members by providing information that they may make an informed decision, that which the OP asked for. (He did NOT specify the information was to be limited to HG)!

Note: ALL major software companies offer FREE trial versons also. This IS NOT exclusive of HG.

Jason… is you decide to go with HG, be sure to check this MB first, as there is almost always someone selling their subscription (for one reason or another). May as well save some coin when possible.


Thank you for the info. I feel like the HG software will be the best fit for what I would like to do with my reports. Especially with the integrating of Flir it will be very helpful. I actually have never been a fan of the Mac operating system so going back to windows will be welcome. I just had consider the cost of getting a new lap top along with the others costs of start up.

Thank you for your response on this. I really looked into HIP as well but feel like with what I am looking to do with my reports HG would be a better fit. And thank you for the link to the MB, I had actually been messaging with him about buying his software and it looks like I will buy it from him to make up the cost of getting a windows lap top.

And that is exactly what you should do. Purchase the software that best suits your needs. The written report is the product that your clients are paying for, and it needs to reflect you and your company. Good luck.

You’ll be happy with homegauge. For a Companion device check out the Galaxy Tab A 8". It’s at Costco right now for $129.
To see some of what HG can do, check out my sample reports. The link is in my signature. Good luck with whatever you choose.

My suggestion would be surface pro… if your hoping to use apple companion, its been “close” to ready for the 4-5 years I have been using the software. I like the surface pro and let’s me easily dock at end of day to review and send report.

I ended up getting the Homeguage software with two companion licenses. So I can have it on a tablet if I want as well as on my phone so I always have a backup. I am just going to get a laptop that runs windows, they are pretty inexpensive for what I need. Then I am just going to have at it and make adjustments as I get into the grove of things. Thank you all for the tips and advice!

Thanks Frank! I am going to look at that tablet for sure. That is one of the ones I have had my eye on. I checked out your reports. Very nice! That is what I am after so I think I made the right choice going with HG!

I do really like the idea of the surface pro for the reasons you said. But it is so much more expensive to go that route and get the requirements needed from the computer. I will for sure have a look at one though. Thank you.

I have an Acer 2 in 1… I like having the functionality of the entire program in front of me to finish out my reports. The tablet is easy to tote around. I tried other software programs, but found HomeGauge the most user friendly for my needs. I also like the activity records on the back end for each report. There have been several times clients and/or realtors have lied about when they got their reports or who accessed the reports, and I could go to the report and download the history of all activity to prove that they were not being truthful. Each person has their own way of conducting business and doing reports. The important thing is to find the program that is the best fit for you and then go with it.

Be sure to also join our Facebook user group. You’ll get a lot of help there. The link is in my signature.
Good luck with your new career.

Welcome to HomeGauge Jason! Lots of progress coming this year and next. Please use our staff for any support you need. We have 20 employees and I am now getting ready to grow our developer team more and hoping to bring on a senior developer (met with again today) to free up Sean so Sean can work full time on HomeGauge desktop and so much more exciting things!

Its a great time to use HomeGauge software and HG Services!

Jason …

Besides being a 35 yr inspector, we’ve held training classes since 1995 for new inspectors entering the business. As a trainer I’ve been provided with well over 35-45 different inspection reporting systems.

Having said that … some of our students like 3D or Home Inspection Pro

Thanks Russel! I have messaged some of your staff in my decision making process and they have all been really helpful. Having my software and the services all in one place was one of the things I liked about HG and look forward to getting started with them.

Its official! HomeGauge hires its 21st employee! A senior developer intended to create more features for our HG Services users! We are on a roll like never before! More great things coming to HomeGauge!