Inspection Software for MAC


I am a Mac User, and I am looking for some advice on the best Home Inspection Reporting Software to use with an iPad or Mac Laptop.

Before buying anything, I thought I’d run it through this filter and see if anyone can give me some “I have actually used this” advice…

My thanks in advance for any help you can offer… Joe

There are many good ones, but not all run on Apple products. This question comes up all the time, and the main answer you’ll get is basically: “Whichever one works best for you, use them all with the free trials, and decide from there”. I agree with that statement.

To answer your question about opinions, I used AHIT’s Inspect It or whatever it’s called, and really didn’t like it. Didn’t use it very long, and moved to Home Inspector Pro, and love it. There is a desktop version, that you have to use to generate your report. HIP mobile is their mobile version, which I love as well. You have to pay a cloud service to upload from the mobile so you generate report form desktop version.

It is a really nice set up, and I started out using the iPad for mobile and my Mac desktop for the desktop version. The iPad was too big and bulky for me, so I’ve been using my iPhone. I like that much better, but it’s a bit small, and my phone is giving me issues, so I have to go to the store and deal with that, so I’ll probably end up wit a new phone, and do it that way. If not probably get an iPad mini, or a different tablet. Good luck to you.

Thanks Travis, just the kind of feedback I was hoping for, personal experience! Very kind of you to take the time, all my best, Joe

Home inspector pro is what I use and like it. Could use on windows, Mac, iOS platforms.

As a Mac owner, I found it came down to:

Report Host, as it’s web based on works on anything.

and Home Inspector Pro, which is one of the few that actually supports all platforms.

Of course there are many others that will work on an ipad, but don’t necessarily support mac laptops/desktops.

There are many threads on here discussing which one whom likes best, but it comes down to what is important to you, and how it feels to you.


Check out our site Joe when you’re ready, Give us a call after trying it out and looking at the tutorials if you’d like a 1 on 1 remote session.

I run Home Gauge on a Mac desktop and Mac Air Book laptop. No problems whatsoever.

I had a love/ hate relationship with Palmtech for awhile, for MAC users you need to get the Windows operating system and another program such as Parallel to use on a MAC. I had some issues with photos disappearing from my reports when I was finalizing them. I gave up and switched to Home Inspector Pro. I have a much better relationship now, HIP is much more MAC friendly and Dominic and his team have great tech support.

Go sit in the Home Gauge section and tell them about that poorly performing software.
Everyone knows after many years of trying HG sucks for IOS reporting.

HIP is the one.

I’ve run Home Gauge on 2 Macs with no problems for about 2 years now. What’s the problem Bob?

Bob’s always a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Joe, do yourself a favor and try HomeGauge. It’s the most professional, does not have pdf limitations like HIP, handles pictures and videos the best (clients can actually watch HG report videos on their mobile devices), has far more features than HIP geared towards helping you run your business. If you are a hobbyist, tinkerer, like late night support desk chats, oh, and baking cookies, HIP may be a good choice for you. If your all about the business, HG for sure. Go with a leader, not a follower :wink:

(That’s all I got for tonight Bob :stuck_out_tongue: and I didn’t even stoop to saying HIP sucks)

I will.
HG sucks and years of you guys complaining about it are all over this forum on search.

HIP is the fastest and I offered to battle Russ the actual owner in a speed test to which he chickened out.

HIP is way better .

Then why do 85% of all home inspectors use Home Gauge?

Linus I’m curious as how you are running HG on Mac platform. Their website says the only way is through parallels or boot camp.


Yep gotta use workarounds for that Cra-pware.
Get yourself a real report software that actually works Linas.

Then you will have time to go on Pauls threads punish the poor bastrd some more .

90% of all Home Inspectors use HIP.

You’ve gotta get over the fact that you got suckered into buying that copycat software.
I’ve been using Home Gauge for 9 years, long before your copycat software came along and it works just fine.
Have you learned how to do on site reports yet after 8 years of trying?:p:p:p:p

It doesn’t take much to punish Paul, he’s brain dead. Must have done a lot of Windowpane back in the 70’s.

Linas, are you using the Macs with windows installed as a separate operating system, or does HG have a OSX version?

I run Windows 7 with Parallels. I do my reports onsite with a Samsung Note 1.
My desktop is a 27" Mac and I also use a 13" Mac Book Air.
I run Sophos Anti-Virus to block any viruses.
No more rebooting, blue screens or virus problems.
I’ll never buy another PC.
You get what you pay for.
Apple is the largest company in the world for a reason.
(I also own shares in this great company)