Appliance Cords

I called this out as an improper use of an extension cord.

Supposedly the Home Owner/ Home Inspector did not know why I called it out.

I hope that “tennis racket” wasn’t in the report…


without a video it’s hard to tell,… but if it had a proper wire clamp at the housing and was of the right gauge it could be used in that fashion here

Only violates the UL listing of the extension cord. Hardly a red ticket item.

The extension cord was ul rated…until it was modified.

I suspect that is the reason this is available:

Someone was too lazy to get the proper cord.

Wonder the same thing.

I don’t think lazy has anything to do with it… appliance cords come in many colors and fashions…they don’t all have to come from the big box store…

The installer was just cheap, the cord shown is not listed for the application.

But the installer did not seem to understand this.

Fix it, don’t fix it, I don’t care either way. :neutral:

I bet dollars to donuts that is a 14ga extension cord. What was the circuit, 20 or 15?

20 amp, lots un permitted work. No sticker in new panel, carport to bedroom conversion with original non structural sloping floor yada yada yada :wink:

In the sticks about an hr out of phoenix who knows how things get done there

No, but they do have to be approved for usage by the manufacturer and as the original poster said, it was an extension cord. One that has been modified from its original configuration.

And, you never know what is on the end of that extension cord… :smiley: