Approving agreement with I phone

I have had a number of people who had difficulty approving the inspection agreement on HG services. After a few, I started asking them how they were accessing it. In each case they were using either an I phone or an apple computer.

In a couple of cases, they were finally able to get it to work but in others, they had to find a pc to approve the agreement.

Can you figure out why they have trouble when using an apple product?

Yes, I have shared it with the nerds.

Thanks Robert.

Thanks Russell,

Just for more information, the woman who had difficulty today told me that she was using her mac and not her Iphone. Don’t know if that helps or not.

I’ve had the issue with interNACHI agreement system. Seems sporadic but it’s always when using Apple products.

We have been having this problem for a long time. Something to do with Macs and Safari browsers. Users will report they do not have problems with other sites that require login or signing. Maybe Hg should have their support number pop up when a login or signing fails, work with the client involved and take us out of it. There’s got to be a solution. We have become accustomed to dealing with it. We are looking into ISN or docusign. Would prefer to keep all at HG if we could.

please email me her name and email. We can look her up and may find out where she stopped.


How about away for HG to auto fill the driving distance. That auto calculates based on your current HI office when you are putting in the clients address? This would help track MPGs