HG Online agreement

Does anyone use the HG online agreement? I am currently using interNACHI agreement system but it might be easier if I just use HG because I already have to upload my clients info in the software.

I just want to make sure it will hold up in a court matter because they don’t ask for a signature like the one I’m using now.

Hi Robert,
we have used our online digital signature successfully for many years. I have personally been involved as a 3rd party in three court cases involving deposition etc where the customer said he did not sign an agreement. All three separate cases have been in favor of the inspector.

We also helped a buyer’s agent a few years ago who wanted out of the contract based on the home inspection. Supposedly this was the second or 3rd time the buyers walked after an inspection. The listing agent claimed that the buyer and their agent did not notify in time that they wanted out and wanted to keep the earnest money. I was able to show the buyer’s agent under “See All Events” when the buyer’s agent sent the email (time stamp).

Thank you russell! Between the new appointment manager already adding my clients in the system and sending over to the software, this will be alot easir for all of use now.

I have been holding off on trying it becouse the person that looks over my contracts said there is no actually signature and it could be a gray area. Do you guys think you will ever add an E-sign feature or intergrated with interNACHI agreement system?

Not to discount the persons opinion that looks at your contract, but e sig is a private brand and a digital signature is not. Bill Clinton as president signed into law the digital signature with a digital signature.

Agree!! I have never been to court and never plain on going but Just wanted to make sure it would hold up in a court if i start using the HG agreement system.

I understand. So far…so good.

Is there a way to print the online agreement after it was agreed to? I just did my first one this was switching from Internachi one and could not find a place to print it out.


There is if you upload it but it doesn’t show an IP address anywhere or signature on it.

Yeah I was hoping it had a way to print it including the ip address info included but seems like you can not do that?

Correct, you can go back after an get the IP address from “see all events” but its time consuming if you are performing 300-400+ inspections a year.

Thanks for the info and I did see the events page which I could print out if needed later on I guess.

You could do a screenshot of it and print that

Yeah, I just want to have a nice clean one page contract with the IP address and clients signature like interNACHIs. That I can easily forward over to my lawyer if ever needed.

Hopefully that time will never come. But, if it does, the print screen see all events works and has all the info. Maybe in the future we can make it print with a button.

I think I would be very beneficial and would gain a lot more people using the agreement system, if there IP address is attached to the agreement when you print. Not even for court but to prevent even going to court and letting the customer know what she or he agreed to was a legitimate contract.

Thanks for the feedback. Some things to consider: It is attached to the agreement…through See All Events. Many people do not print and to see an ip address on the paper means very little.

The IP address is important but the email of the buyer that received the agreement by sign in and clicked agreed is more important and we have the mail server log info that backs up the “TimeStamp”

IP addresses change by the internet provider. The IP address you have at this moment can be different or change. It still is important but its a combination of several things including HG as a neutral 3rd party service that proves the validity of the customer agreeing to the agreement.

I agree with the time stamp and know you can get them under “see events”. I guess what im trying to say is, It doesn’t look professional to deliver the signed agreement and then send a screen shots or copy and past of “time stamps/ IP addresses” to prove they signed it if ever needed.

Agreed. Now that the new HG website is done, little things that can make a difference in professionalism can be done. I will ask the nerds if they will schedule this in.

I would also agree it would look much better and would use it more if there was a printable option to give them a copy at inspection along with my invoice.

Thanks for looking into this!

As long as they get sent a copy AND I can get a copy for me … Could care less.

Seems like a lot of talking about not much.