Apron Flashing OK?

Greetings! This is my first post, and it’s regarding one of my “mock” inspections for certification. Is this apron flashing coming down onto a nearly flat rolled roof section acceptable? Shouldn’t it be under the roof covering? Seems like it wouldn’t take much ice/snow backing up to get water under there. This is on a north side in Colorado. There’s some obvious water damage to the siding, but the whole place is in bad need of a paint job.

No. It looks like water can run under the flashing to the sheathing and framing. A cant strip (Google it) would help but it was a poor design. Make sure they know that that is a potential leak area and continued maintenance will be needed.

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All that worn paint at the bottom of wooden siding is the reason for 2" clearance requirement :slight_smile: but the gap is ugly, right!

That’s what I heard about 1" ago. LOL

You sure that is not facing up stream or head wall in one direction?
If its a side image it would be considered side wall. Sidewall and counter flashing required.
You always start flashing a curb at the bottom and work upstream.
1st: The apron.
2nd: Sidewall or step flashing covered with counter flashing.
3rd: Head wall flashing.
Here’s a link from Certain Teed titled Construction Details.

Thanks for the responses. Robert, I’m not quite sure I understand the question.

Here’s an image taken further back for more context.

I intend to call it out as poor installation and let them know about the risk.

That orientation looks better. Thanks, Jon.
Apron needs to be under the sidewall flashing.
Other than that, look good from here. Montreal, Qc. Canada.

Looks like two cross gables attached to the front first level.
Did the siding have adequate clearance? If so, a maintenance recommendation and Bob’s your uncle mate.

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