Aquaguard waterproofing Beltsville Maryland


caption…'I thought Aquaguard waterproofing was a reputable company…they subcontracted out the entire job to unlicensed sub,never telling me…perimeter drainage system is dysfunctional…here looks like cost $13,000+

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Sales inducement…
When asked about the accuracy of statements made by Aquaguard…‘every week they go out and LIE’ (yeah and so do 99.9% of these interior system companies…yep)

…Saleman touted himself as a ‘senior inspector’…lolOloLOlLLLL!! So much bullshtt man.

When asked about the accuracy of the forms, Aquadorks says…‘it’s outdated’. LOL!

See 2 sump pumps plus the dumb az interior drainage system/concrete torn up aong walls(mira drain bullshtt) plus friggin tar on the INSIDE walls, just another example of Interior shtt-breath,lying,incompetent,fraudulent companies.
Tell ya, anyone who continues to recommend SHTTT like this to homeowners is an assho LE! Got that? Got milk?

S C A M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M!
Yer consumers CHECKBOOK recommendation is fcd up, WRONG dude!!!
…'Don’t ask a basement waterproofing contractor for help until you are absoluetly sure you need one??? lol Eh…this is TRUE for any inside system scam-fk company sure but not anyone like my azz. Eh, please tell me just how many would SOLVE their g damn problem with out contacting SOME of us!!! Shtt, they’d likely run into the same shtt, call the same inside system azzholes even after they tried the DUMB az raising,sloping grade etc,bullshtt man! SO call, ask for help from…a home inspector? Really? lolol Most i know around here won’t find,identify the actual problem 'cuz they are simply not a fcg expert on this subject.

Send me yer complete modern guide to basement waterproofing, send it to my dumb azz, ill read the mfr THEN we’ll see whether yer full of SHTTT eh. Hmm, so NOW this dude is an expert eh, lolol!!!

Very very fkg tired of stooooopid incompetent statements aka SUPPOSED solutions/recommendations from quite a few who are NOT not NOT g dang experts on this g damn subject (no azz hole, you are NOT) incl’g many city inspectors, many realtors, some home inspectors…especially here in g damn Michigan(many applies here), media mfrs and so on.

Example, since quite a few homeowners have finished basements lets try this scenario…
finished bsmt,homeowner leaks/seeps at-along I-joint aka cold joint aka fcg cove in 1 or 2 areas. Some HI’s,many realtors etc will tell seller/buyer SHTT like, all ya need to do is raise/slope the grade and-or extend downspout extensions away from stoooopid house…WRONG ANSWER!!!

How could ANYONE say this, recommend this, BELIEVE THIS?!?!?!
Are you kidding! lolol
How can YOU recommend anything WITHOUT identifying the actual problem(s) SUCH AS,
how will raising/sloping the dumb azz GRADE or, extending downspout extensions 99 bottles of beer…oops, 99 miles away from stooopid house etc, how will THAT CRRRRAP fix,repair,waterproof etc the actual problems LIKE…
-a crack in the stoopid wall
-a open,leaky rod hole(s)
-1 or more openings,gaps around,above ground level like an open mortar joint or openings/gaps around,under,above a basement window,doors etc.
-a blockage,clog in lateral line

Ask again, please tell my dumb fcg azz exactly how ya’s figure recommending to homeowners raising,sloping the grade, longer downspout ext’s etc will fix,waterproof,tuckpoint,snake these actual problems!!! Fk!
I see/read this SHTTT on MANY HI websites and of course elsewhere, its fcg WRONG man.
Since when did you become an expert on this-subject.

The SAME example above goes for ANY INTERIOR SYSTEM company who ALWAYS recommends installing that bullshttt, regardless of the ACTUAL problem(s)!!!
Homeowner with finished bsmt has, lets say, one++ leaky open rod holes, water is ONLY seen at-along the FKKKKG cove,i joint…YET, these inside system incompetent clowns will almost always say,recomend installing an interior system,almost always with a stoooopid sump pump…and sometimes TARRING the inside walls!!! lolol

Same happens when there is an exterior crack,cracked parging on block walls…water is seen at bottom of wall-floor YET…inside system companies do NOT identify this, they could care less!!

Jesus KRIIIIIST, many homeowners have 1 area, 1 exterior crack in block wall, like a corner (see my stinky but real g dang photos), so…all they need is THAT small section done,waterproofed outside…cost between 1,000–1,200 most of the time VERSUS, NOT fixing that crack correctly from the outside and instead having some inside system company recommend and install an interior system, often w/sump pump that will NOT ‘stop’ the water from where its coming in!!! And, it’ll cost alot more than 1,200!!!
And a few FC-wads wonder why i get pizzed??? lol d i e plz!!!

Video, Unfair Sales Practice? Yes, yer g damn right it is!!!
There has been at LEAST 3 home improvement radio talk show HOSTS (on air locally n likely fkg elsewhere) who’ve HIGHLY recommended these azz ho’s and some other inside system co’s who do the EXACT same shtttt! These PINHEADS get PAID from the inside system co’s to promote/recommend 'em, just like the BBB. NEITHER these hosts or the BBB is anything close to an expert on this subject and of course don’t do their homework on this shtt and blindly believe their every word plus, like i said and know, its all about the MONEY, getting paid regardless of homewoners getting fcd over. And they ALL profess to be every listeners best friend!!! lololol Eh, lolol, this alone may pizz off a few here…lol, at least 2 of these hosts are church-going, supposed HOLY azz…republicans! lolol

Perma Seal in Chicagoland…how could any supposed HONEST EXPERT ‘EVER’ get something like this wrong…huh

How many HI’s, realtors,dorks in the media recommend THESE terds

New Jersy piece of shtt inside system company

Hey pinhead Al owner of "We’re a piece of shtt water-diverting company and will fc you every chance we git’…eh Al, come to Detroit, yes duh Murder cap, have a few drinks with the good bros here man, come on,lets see how much YOU like getting fcd

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, eaten

Arbitration award

Page 6, Per Ken Sorteberg the arbitrator…shtttt, in my honest EXPERIENCED opinion, they/duh scamball company absolutely committed fraud and misrepresentation, cmon!

The homeowner had/has cracks in walls, there is ONE way to seal,waterproof those g damn cracks…outside!

The reason(s) these inside system co’s install interior systems and sumps and sometimes do other DUMB az shtt like tar inside walls is because they don’t ‘do’ exterior waterproofing, they aren’t insured to do exterior waterproofing they do ONE stinky thing period hence, since thats all they do, regardless of what was REALLY needed/exterior waterproofing, they recommend,install the one thing they do for…self gain! Cmon!!!
How that NOT fraud, hows that not misrepresenting the truth, the facts, what is actually needed to STOP further water from entering those cracks and reduce,relieve soil pressure off the g damn wall and remove any possible underground roots,concrete etc which cause many cracks to begin with!!!

Jesus man, did they tell the homeowner that applying TAR on inside walls somehow STOPS water from entering exterior cracks,cracked parging etc?!?!?

Misrepresentation…installing ANY interior system(mira drain etc) when there’s ONLY ONE FCG thing/means of repairing,stopping water from entering those etxerior cracks! lolOloL

Did they tell the homeowner…ANY homeowner that that piece of shtt mira drain and sumps and tar will STOP further water from entering? Did they explain to homeowner that SOIL and-or underground roots and-or concrete etc CAUSE many cracks (may have certainly caused THESE cracks!) and the ONLY means of relieving these pressures etc is OUTSIDE!!! All this inside shttt does NOT relieve ANY exterior weight/pressure, BULLfcg shtt!

And if ya don’t STOP the water from where the hlll its entering you’ll never stop-prevent fcg mold,efflorescence,radon gas,insects from entering those same cracks.

These stinking azz interior companies do THIS SHTTTTT to MANY homeowners,they sure as g damn hell do man.

Eh Mr and Mrs LAWYER peeps, those who tell many homeowners its NOT worth going after these inside system companies…BULLLSHTTTTT! Your outta your friggin minds! What? Just take this kind of incompetent,fraudulent crap up the azz? Yer cRaZy!

Shtt people, come on…you can SUE B Dry, Everdry, Basement Systems and another 200+ minimum of these stinky terds just on misrepresenting w t f you really needed versus the BULLLSHTT lies,deceit etc you ALL get,have got from these PINHEADS!

Here, help me w/this dammmmitttttt, just how in the world would ANY INTERIOR System,Mira dork drain etc and 99 sump pumps STOP further water from entering AND, how would ANY of that crap stop further deterioration?
Oh and ummm duh, just how would raising the grade or extending downspout exts etc stop fruther deterioration…huh?

Same here, exterior crack (not visible when eyeballing the inside wall!!!), but sure is fcg real outside isn’t it…and what about what CAUSED the crack, the leaky basement,the ROOT! Just leave it, leave the crack,defect open and instead install an inside system and 200 sumps pumps or, just raise and slope the grade?

Thanks for the posts

I had no idea how prevalent “Inside Systems” were. I think children can easily understand the concept of sealing an aquarium from the outside, and how silly that would be.

Tar and plastic… on the inside of a basement wall? The water already got in.


lololol exactly sir! :wink: butt, seems many do NOT ‘get it’ including some home inspectors eh, some HI’s here!!! LolOlololOllllllllll …the homeowners

The incompetent, negligent interior basement drainage company,1 of hundreds, same turds who bs’d Mr Russ and family, Beltsville Maryland ](,)](,)](*,)

…Maureen Reese, maybe ummm duh, do your homework before opening yer JIB and your purse for that cash…goes for many others who open their mouths and recommend scamball companies to homeowners. ](*,)
…’ a trusted name in waterproofing huh’? my left test-I-cle…

1:10 project STUP-id-visor…
"this is a good illustration…the DRAINAGE SYSTEM originally installed is dysfunctional…so you need to take a preventative measure so the masonry doesn’t deteriorate’…and they show a guy caulking a horizontal crack on the inside ](*,)
And the problems are NOT the stupid original DRAINAGE system , its NOT the stoooopid exterior drain tiles. The problems, are outside you bubblehead project scam-a-visor!!! Incompetent, negligent and often fraudulent.

Shows/says some BS about supposed excavation, pfffffffffffffffft!
They all make bs statements like this!

1:55 ‘we have to take a look at the whole picture’ … but you people don’t!

The scamball line, …‘no two homes are the same’

Actually, many are similar or very close to the same.
They have the same, similar… problems and SOLUTION!!!
But not the crap you people push, sell.

2:25 See the cracks? 2:40 talks a little more incompetent crap and finally says… ’ I think we can supplement the drainage on the exterior with an interior system and a pump’
THOUGHT you guys looked at the WHOLE PICTURE? lolol
These salesman, owners do/say THIS crap all the time!!!

There are EXTERIOR cracks in the wall, that’s where the water is entering causing paint peeling, mold, efflorescence etc, duuuuh!
What about taking PREVENTATIVE measures so the masonry etc doesn’t deteriorate??? lolol Lying, incompetent sobs

Many of these interior basement system companies may bring up exterior waterproofing but they knock the shtt out it saying incompetent crap like its too expensive, it’ll damage landscaping, you have to use a machine/excavator etc, all bllllshttt!

Memberships with this, that organizations in THIS business means… NOTHING, not a g dammmmmm thing!!!
Not duh BBB, NAWSRC, Angie baby etc, its a bunch of crap.

Causative factors

Basement wall damage

Peanut is Batnut/J Dunham

Fire on High/ELO

Russ/homeowner, “Cleaning up AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation’s basement waterproofing gross negligence and contract breach was very costly. Once the REAL SOURCE of the SEEPAGE was known, something AquaGuard FAILED to recognize or at least acknowledge, the solution was obvious”
(ding ding ding! Interior basement drainage companies rarely, IF EVER, find-identify the real source because um duh, it would NOT be good for their SHYSTER business, got dat?)

Say again, feel for these people. Many more out there have been and STILL are getting lied to and ripped off.

Paragraph 3, the company he chose to get the job done RIGHT provided him with details of the work and included them in contract, a single contract proposal. (which is what my dumb az and some others have always done, nothing fancy like many, just all the facts right up front so every homeowner can get a good whiff. Don’t like it? Then hire B Dry, Everdry, AquaGuard etc)

Paragraph 4, AquaGuard’s general manager (pfft) stated under oath that the form used is MISLEADING.
(ding ding ding!)

…General manager also stated, his SALES force goes out EVERY WEEK and…lies!!! Helllllo!

All these interior system companies pull the same type crap, yes they do! lol

Can’t Get it Out of My Head/ELO

Basement Waterproofing
Buyer Beware!

‘What is especially aggravating is that AquaGuard sold me a solution to the water seepage problem that could NOT work’

The interior system companies do this all—the—time! It’s not only Aqua-scam.
Most of the general public, most in the media, many builders, city inspectors, realtors etc do NOT ‘get-it’! Not knocking 'em, not trying to make peeps feel like shtt, just posting the facts/truth.

'When the general mgr was asked if he ever sought to ascertain whether or not the statements his SALESPEOPLE make to the customers are accurate or not, he stated…“Every week we go over that and every week they go out and LIE”

Same old bs, same old lies, misrepresentations, false claims etc made by inside system companieSSSSS.

Meet the Parents, How to milk a cat and feed lil Geppetto

Bubba has nipplers, could ya milk me?

Interior basement waterproofing BUYER’S BEWARE

The clay bowl effect… is a bunch of bullshtt.
The interior system butt-brains use it to bs homeowners, period!

Just like some companies/salepeople will go into your basement and take a hammer and slap the basement floor a few times and say more dogshtt like, ‘Oh, it’s hollow under here, you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under your floor that only our interior system can fix’… shtt like that.

Quite a few of the interior basement drainage aka water–diverting co’s will shtt all over exterior waterproofing, yep, they flat out LIE about it.

They’ll say SHTTT like, ‘Oh, we do exterior waterproofing but it is soooo expensive and disruptive, will cost you $20,000-30,000 so why spend THAT when we can install our stupid little interior system which does the same thing’.

These IDIOTS and I do mean knothead IDDDDDDDIOTS will add something like, we can install drainage, drain tiles along inside wall(s) which does the SAME thing as exterior waterproofing and our inside drain tiles won’t get plugged/clogged’… u people are FK’g dumb az incompetenet, negligent liars.

-----The article above/link…
what i mostly disagree with is where the question is posed, ‘Did the SALESMAN know what he was doing?’

I ask, is it possible THAT salesman who went to Mr. Russ house did NOT know what HE was doing/saying?
The answer is maybe, 1 time out of 10. MOST of these terds know what they’re saying/selling… LYING about! geeez man loooollll

The only times imo an interior basement system salesperson may NOT know what the hll he is actually saying to homeowners is… IF he is NEW in the business, if he was recently hired, that’s about it… otherwise, these salespeople know the bullllllllllllllsht that is coming out of their traps and most will say anything to… GET the JOB, the COMMISSION!!!

Duh ummm, that’s how they get paid! If they don’t sell this crrrap, they don’t get paid, and if they don’t sell, they’ll also very likely get FIRED.

‘Get an independent assessment of the problem and realistic solutions from a reputable home inspector’

Say again, disagree in part, i sure as shtt do.
All due respect to the good, honest HI’s… especially some here, Nachi.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause, most often here in Michigan, homeowners are NOT going to find a home inspector who is ummm, an expert on this subject, and most here, and some elsewhere will tell homeowners with leaky basements like Mr. Russ to, raise and slope the grade, fill in low spots, paint walls etc etc… shtt that doesn’t, hasn’t found/identified the actual problem NOR the dang actual solution to that problem.

You look through my photos and you’ll see/read there were quite a few home inspectors who told those homeowners all kinds of incompetent, supposed solutions.

And quite a few home inspectors here and i know some others elsewhere, will recommend inside system companies to homeowners!
They get PAID to recommend 1+ more companies, they get PAID for leads to jobs!!! fc me!

Another homeowner RIPPED OFF, lied to by an interior basement system company!!!

Add to the facts above we have quite a few in the MEDIA who push, promote, inside system companies!

There are also CITY inspectors who do the same shtt!

The BETTER Business Bureau has done the SAME SHTT, yes they have, for years they’ve aided inside system companies, take me to court g dammmmit, i’ll PROVE IT, its whats needed anyways!!! Before i depart this planet i sure as shtt want to take down some of these CRIMINAL mfrs… looooooooooooooooooooool

Realtors? loooooooooooooooooool, what a crock of incompetent bullshtt man. On this-subject, you’d better believe it.

‘Mr Anderson seems too loud, doesn’t write too good etc, we can’t believe or hire a guy like that’… looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
FINE!!! Then hire another inside system blshtter, *** kisser, jesus, of course their going to ‘SEEM’, nice, hellloooo! I’d be real nice all the time if i was making millions $$ talking homeowners into cheap bulshtt, I’d kiss yer azz’z too.
There’s an az HO or 2 here who tried to make my az out as an UNPROFESSIONAL contractor when clearly, anyone with some common sense can see I’m out for posting for FREE trying to save a few homeowners az!!! YET< somehow I’m made out to be the bad guy, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL.

At Mr. Russ house, his leaky basement situation and the you tube video, that homeowners situation, and MANY others, LISTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEN-----------
NO honest and experienced basement waterproofing contractor would have gone over there and told them what they did, would not have sold them that bulshttttttt!!! But somehow, I’m duh bad guy, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

Gee honey he’s starting to skeeeeer me, bad guy music, The Gates of Babylon!!! …inside system co’s sleep with the devil and so they must payyyyyy!’

Oh yeah, the homeowner who just sent me on a 2 1/2 hour goose chase, fake az estimate, thank you sir. One day, i hope to return the favor.