idiots, ignorant, scam, misrepresentations etc

All kinds of one-sided lies/garbage here, the usual from interior basement drainage terds
300++ of these companies/dealers.

In part it goes something like this… excavation, waterproofing the exterior walls is almost never a good idea… This is the type of CRAP they tell/bs homeowners about. looooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!

Photo album, one of many of an interior basement system that was installed for $15,000… loooooooooooooooolllll
Interior basement systems do NOT stop water from entering exterior cracks in walls and other exterior openings in walls or above walls which IS WHY most basement leak, why many have some mold or efflorescence on parts of the walls you shttheads!

Another guy, Apple Drains, installing another interior system in a crawlspace that has ALOT of efflorescence etc on the block walls.
Installing the interior system and sump pump will NOT stop the water and salts from entering! Because the water and salts are getting in from/through the exterior, hellllo!

From what is visible in this video, it looks like about 28—30’ needs to be done and so that would cost (for exterior waterproofing) around $2,700–3,000 versus what most interior system companies charge which is a lot more than $3,000, and again, they will NOT stop the water and efflorescence in this crawl by installing that interior system… wanna bet?

Another homeowner MILKED out of $20,000+ by an interior system contractor, still leaks etc

Interior basement drainage system installed here, homeowner still leaked… first video shows the dumb incompetent interior system inside, second video shows WHY and WHERE it really leaked

Piles of dirt around the yard? Messy? Costly? Shtt man, it cost LESS than the DUMB ignorant azz interior system!!!

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