Aquaguard waterproofing useless misleading contract

This is the kind of shtt interior basement system companies mislead homeowners into… yep

Some of these interior basement system companies will lure homeowners into the following, they will give you an estimate and then say they will LOWER the estimate/cost IF YOU sign/okay in writing they did a great job BEFORE any work is done.

That’s… BEFORE ANY work has begun. Got dat?

That way, YOU…duh homeowner think your getting some sort of discount (duhhhh, no your not!) and gives them an OUT when anything goes wrong in coming months such as further water coming in, mold, efflorescence on wall, cracks widening etc.

They WANT you to sign and say in writing that the company did a wonderful job etc so that, it’s going to be rather difficult to sue them, file complaints when YOU ALREADY put in writing what a great job they did! ](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

Everdry and some others do this, pull this shttt.

Click the link, read the terms and conditions and…jesus, THINK!

Read what this homeowner NOW knows!
He now knows he got lied to, misled, bs’d and trys to help YOU/others from getting bent over, got that? DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

They run rampant around here lol . 5 to 6 grand