Aquaguard Waterproofing sued,lost, scam, liars etc

Amazes me this family story went pretty much unnoticed aka very few gave a sht.

Had it been some type of exterior waterproofing gone wrong, the INT system az wipes and their $$$ marketing morons would have blown the story outta the water, media etc would have been all over it, shysters GALORE!

Long story short, the homeowners problems and SOLUTION is what some of us been tryng to tell peeps, they had cracks etc on their basement walls and needed exterior waterproofing, so simple yet tooo difficult for the interior basement drainage system SCAMMERS so they LIED to this family and told 'em they needed INT system garbage, SUED for $50,000, read the rest if ya like

WORTHLESS basement waterproofing free inspection, the usual

LYING salesmen, the USUAL!!!

Yet some here and many elsewhere stupidly think Marky is full of shtt, idiots, blind weak sobs they are on this subject. It is NOT only Aqua–morons, it is all the INT system chumps