Aquaguard in Maryland, another example

of what Uncle Bubba and a few others fully understand about these interior basement system bubbleheads,scams, incompetence etc
a homeowners BBB complaint…
If one reads complaint dated 5/7/2014 (under complaint resolution log) … click, ‘read complaint details’

Try and shorten it up, paraphrase the homeowners complaint…
-homeowner called Aquaguard to ASSESS the leaky area they had on front wall, DRYWALL–finished basement

-the person Aquadorks sent over said he was an ‘expert’ on evaluating leaks and this self-proclaimed expert told the couple/homeowners, their problem was hydrostatic pressure under the basement floor.

-the bubblehead expert further explained to homeowners they supposedly had 2 options… 1) exterior with a supposed price tag of $30,000 and the other an interior scamball system that would cost around $10,000

–the incompetent moron from Aqua-butt guaranteed the couple that based on his supposed-experience and supposed-expertise along with many years he has supposedly seen this problem/type of leak, an interior basement system would solve the problem

–they installed the negligent interior basement system and, the homeowners still leaked

–someone finally went over AFTER soaking these homeowners (and many others) out of $10,000, and ran a WATER TEST, with a hose, on the outside of this leaky area… turns out, the water was first-entering through ABOVE grade openings/door.

Okay, i’ll stop her there.

SCAM… incompetence and–or negligent.
Aqua-butts SHOULD have done that, the water test, FIRST! Idiots.

There was drywall against the basement wall so an HONEST and EXPEREINCED so-called EXPERT would have done that, first, to correctly identify/determine the homeowners problem.

You either do a water test with a hose (and its gotta be right), and–or, you cut/remove some of the drywall!!!

If one would have first, cut a piece ++ of the drywall off then they’d likely have seen water stains (up high, running down the wall) , in this case. For some other homeowners, depends on the actual problem such as, if a homeowner just had 1+ leaky rod holes BEHIND the drywall then, if one would have cut a piece of the drywall off, they would have seen… identified the dang problem. Or if there was a crack right there then they’d have seen/known that, duh!

No matter what, since this homeowner only wanted the one area accessed/checked, then AT WORST (if there was a crack in wall right there, under porch) , it was the only area that needed to be waterproofed! You don’t tell/lie to homeowners to install a full basement system when they only leak in one dang area.

Again, THIS type of complaint, screw-up, we have seen repeatedly spanning 3+ decades, by many interior system companies/contractors.

Notice the BBB says, ‘The complaint verified the issue was RESOLVED to their satisfaction’ ??? Huh? lool BBB helps their paid member scammers, yes indeedy. Even IF the homeowner actually did say their problem was eventually fixed that doesn’t take away the incompetence, negligence and LOSS of $$$, not wanting to or just mis-diagnosing the actual problem is friggn careless bs, for self gain, and should always REMAIN on these idiots BBB record because it could WARN other homeowners these drip–heads don’t determine all homeowners actual problems

One last push, emphasis on… knowing how to or, wanting to… determine/identify a homeowners leak correctly.
The self-proclaimed experienced expert here, in this complaint, isn’t an expert at all or, is a shady, scamming,lying owner/salesperson. REMOVE a lil drywall butt-brains! Or, run a water test BEFORE you scam people out of $10,000!

Same goes for any home inspector who tells homeowners that have a leak or two, to raise and slope the grade or extend downspout ext’s 7 miles away. They really should just report that there is one + leaky areas and not recommend dog squat/grade etc or, explain to the homeowner it would be best for them to remove a little drywall in order to SEE, help determine, the stupid problem/leak! loll god. Some people only have 1+ leaky deteriorated rod holes BEHIND drywall or paneling YET, quite a few home, city inspectors etc etc tell people a bunch of other crap, its ridiculous and negligent.

Here’s a homeowner who won an arbitration case against the same Aqua-farts, $50,000

In part the homeowner writes, “Aquaguard waterproofing Corp ripped us off every way imaginable . They started by providing us with a worthless, bogus ‘free inspection’ that was really meant to scare us out of doing what we really needed… so they could sell us a cheaper, totally inadequate, interior waterproofing system”

“Their come-on was slickly delivered by a so-called ‘Senior inspector’ who used a combination of mis-information, false promises, and high pressure tactics to suck us in”

“They totally missed identifying the real cause of the water seepage”

This is what NNNnnnneverdry waterproofing does, B Dry does, Basement systems, Foundation systems of Michigan, Vulcan etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, yep.
Example here is Michigan, B Dry told these homeowners (photos, link) that they needed a B Dry system, that was all they supposedly needed for this… the actual problems outside… click any photo to enlarge, to SEE loool NO interior basement system and 55 sump pumps would have stopped the water from where it was entering! Wake----up peeps, stop believing these bubbleaheds, geez

Here’s at least 4 other homeowners who believed these interior basement system KNOT–heads and had a system installed and continued to leak, more mold, efflorescence etc and then called my old butt…hmmmmmmm … incompetent, negligent companies that did not determine any-all of the actual problems and sold the homeowners the one thing they do