Architecturally speaking

How would you call this projection on the front of the house? Thanks.

Reading room

Sun Room

Bump out

2nd floor bay addition

Add on


Well it is hard to tell if it always existed or was added.

I would certainly call it an addition. Based on what’s visible, it doesn’t appear to be supported properly - at least for my state.

ok, good info, this is not original of this 1913 house and was added later. I would call it an add on sun/reading room :wink:

thanks guys

What were the current owners using it for? Call it that, an addition being used as a … As long as it is structurally sound there’ll be no problems…

Yes you would be correct. I can’t say I have ever seen someone do it this way at least here. I will keep my eyes open and get a pick if I find one similar.

As seen on the pic, that little room was built on top of the roof porch. The weight is supported by the balcony posts which in turn is supported by pre-cast concrete deck blocks. That structure would be subject to movements from freeze/thaw cycles and may affects the points of attachment at the house. Well, the whole balcony would go up and down and the roof would act as a hinge at the house.

Bay window.

Hey Stephen, just curious, what does a home like that sell for up there?

that particular house is a foreclosure. Valued at 104k and was listed at 79K. probably sold below 70

needs lots of work

I could not get this so I am posting it now.
However Bay window works well too.

Gee, the front was the best part.

Roofing siding takes the cake though. ;):mrgreen:

Nick is correct, it is simply a bay window. There are variations on the name which have similarities but are more specific to a particular design such as 2-story bay or entry bay. A bay window can be in any shape but typically has two-three “sides” and protrudes out from the structure, usually with its own roof.

How can it be called a bay window if it has a walkable floor?
Kevin calling it a bump out addition seems more in line .

I am assuming that projection would need to be cantilevered like a balcony with 2/3 rds of the joists lengths fastened .

Is that a correct assumption ?

It’s a Bay Window Addition.

Ill supported by the exterior porch roof. :slight_smile: