Does anybody know what this is called?

Wondering what this particular feature of the structures called



I found this just now.…0…1.1.64.img…2.7.629.0…35i39k1.9mDooprFKQ0#imgrc=Idkb85IdirAjhM:

It has different names depending on the Geographic location.

Commonly named as

Window extensions
Bay window nook
Breakfast Nook
Bay garden window

Bay window with balcony. If it was an entrance with a door and balcony, it would be a Portico.

I think I’ll go with window extensions. Haha. Thanks!

Oh yeah I think bay window is right

Bay window, varies by region.

Yes this^ missed balcony on the phone.

Our organization says this :

It’s not a dormer or a bay window. If the floor continues into that area, it’s a cantilevered living space.

Around here, we call them bump-outs. This one happens to have a bay window and a balcony on top.

Only if it is truly cantilevered and there is no foundation below. Many of the older homes I inspect have a foundation for this type of window. I wouldn’t call it a bump out either if it has a foundation.

HERE is an interesting read on the subject.

I simply refer to it as a projection. Doesn’t matter if it’s cantilevered, has a window, balcony on the roof or region. Everone seems to know what I’m talkin about.

It is not a dormer, though the house does have several.