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deleted… info needed obtained via an alternative forum…

These are photos of the Underside of the Concrete Floor…

Good thing the State of PA is moving to License Home Inspectors…

To catch the Crap that is constructed by Unlicensed, Untrained, Uninsured Home Builders…

Tell me how the Consumer that has contracted a Builder to construct a Home is protected in this case where the Home has been Permitted, Constructed and approved by Municipal “Code Certified” Inspectors…?

I think you haven’t given us enough information.

Type of concrete?

Concrete thickness?

Heating system?

Thickness of the Concrete …Approximately 2 inches…


If you have a question ask it.

If you just want to inform us, do so.

That’s a very good point Joe!! Have you ever considered a position with that company?

Keep us informed, as allways your posts are so enlightening!!

Joe H.

Do you not think that it is a conflict of interest?

As usual Joe has taken his toys away and gone home. What a piece of work.

Thanks for honoring me bey renaming the thread. :roll:

What do you expect Michael?
He is a very strange individual, reminds me of someone else I know, they post BS all day long and then they delete.

Joe H.,

How can you offer concrete repairs to homes that you have inspected?

I found several things about Joe’s pics interesting but I refuse to play his silly games.

Joe H.,

Can you be more specific please!!

Thanking you in advance LOL

Joe H.,

IMO the photos are doctored, no way you can get a shot of the wall from that angle!!

Are you sure you took those pictures Joe? You wouldn’t be pulling our leg here would you?

Anyway very nice work, but my advice is not to take them up on their offer.

Joe H.,

I can’t believe you took their offer!! So are you done with Home Inspections? You will be missed by all here at NACHI Joe!!

Good luck with your new position.

input and feedback was received on an alternative forum.

post here was no longer necessary…


Are you telling us that you turned them down Joe? That was quite the offer if you ask me, $40,000.00 per year including benefits!! :cool:


who is “them” ?

no idea as to your reference or suggestion.

please clarify…

You know exactly who I’m talking about don’t you!!