The ultimate home inspector advertising message for Florida in 2011.

“We do not offer repair services”

You heard it here first.

  • Buyer: “How does the water heater look? Do you recommend it be replaced?
  • Inspector: “Hold on, before I answer, let me check the back of my van to see if I have a new one that I can install.

I like it!!!

I 2nd that! :twisted:

That is a great Ideas for all who feel that way. Unless you are also a Licensed Plumber.

I’ve explained to the FAR that the only way to sort it out is to recommend either InterNACHI members or CMIs exclusively. InterNACHI members and CMIs are prohibited from offering repair services regardless of the other licenses they may possess.

Excellent. But why limit that to Florida? It should be blasted internationally.

Conspectors abound, everywhere.

Yes they are and many of them are members of this organization and damn fine inspectors.

I highly suggest any of you that are contractors open you eyes and speak up for yourselves.

There are good professional inspectors who were, at one time, contractors and who apply their knowledge toward the field of inspections.

But contractors who also inspect…are contractors. Not inspectors. This association has a duty to inform the public of such.

We are all business men and free to make our own choices…but we are accountable for those choices. When we choose not to fully commit ourselves to the career field that is represented by the “International Association of Certified Home Inspectors”…we should not expect that association to fully commit to stand behind us, either.

If I were Nick, I would offer “Associate Membership” to vendors, contractors, real estate salesmen, or others that want to support the association but their names would never appear on any database recommending them to the public as “home inspectors”.

I like this ad.

Why hire just a licensed Florida inspector when you can hire a Florida Licensed General Contractor who is also a home Inspector. Only a Licensed Florida General Contractor has the knowledge it takes to build your home and his years of construction experience make him a far better choice.

Why don’t you have Andy make that into a cartoon!

I think part of it has to do with the fact that a professional inspector is tasked to observe and report on the defective conditions that have been left behind by Florida Licensed Contractors. How do they know that by hiring another Florida Licensed Contractor that they are not hiring someone trained by the same Florida Licensed Contractor who grossly oversized the HVAC system and put the insulation in the attic upside down?

I think another part of it has to do with why a hamburger flipper at McDonalds who knows how to cook food is not necessarily a wise choice for a person to consult as a Dietician.

I think another part of it has to do with the fact that successful Florida Licensed Contractors do not voluntarily leave a successful Florida contracting business to do home inspections.

While former contractors can certainly learn how to be good inspectors, after committing themselves to the training and practice, it is not something that they can simply step into like a pair of old shoes…simply because they used to apply shingles to roofs.

So I have a question… If one is the president of a FL corporation that is a home inspection company and the President of a FL corporation that is a Lic G.C Company …what is he in regards to the heated debate here on this forum. Should he be excempt from doing home inspections as seems to be the feel of this debate by many ?

The home buyer and home seller…who are depending upon the inspection report as being objective…have a right to expect, in that regard, that it was written to describe the present condition of the house and its systems.

Any possibility of the report actually being a job bid by which the “inspector” could gain financially from the information that it contains renders it to be a worthless document in that regard.

How about this ad?

**My contractor can’t fix anything!
**and that’s why we use him… for inspections

Make sure your inspector is a member of InterNACHI

I get it and you get it, but I think that it lacks clarity to one not familiar with the topic.

You are right I do not fix crap and never have . New construction for me is the only way to go. I sure as hell would not do an inspection for free trying to get some repair work out of it. The thought is ludicrous.

How about:

Don’t let a contractor inspector your home or you will be paying to have something/anything repaired. Let an Inspector inspect, only. Pay to inspect or get ready for repairs.

Unfortunately, not all contractors are as smart and ethical as you.

Lets face it. If the construction industry was in full force like it was a few years ago the contractors wouldn’t lower themself to do inspections. They saw an easy buck and jumped on it.

Then why are you arguing so vehemently for the right to make repairs if you don’t do them? You seem to think this law would apply only to YOU, as if it is a personal attempt to keep you from doing side work. This isn’t hard to understand; if you inspect the home, than you should not be doing any work or repairs, upgrades, remodeling, etc. for a period of time so as to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. After a year, if they still want you to make repairs, etc. than have at it. Laws are not enacted to keep honest men in check. They don’t need laws or regulations as they keep themselves in check and do what is right when no one is looking.