"Inspector Joe" HGTV

Don’t miss “Inspector Joe” on HGTV tonight at 9:00 (in my area). I hope his tag line isn’t, “The house is OK we can Build it Back Better.” or his last name Brandon!


Joe Mazza out of New York/Connecticut. AHIT certified and his home inspection business is Exclusive Home Inspections.
Or exclusiveinspections.com.

Might be worth the watch to see what he actually does.

Saw a commercial for it the other day. Looks to be an american version of Mike Holmes… inspect then fix stuff they found wrong.


AHIT certified, so he must really know his stuff. Holmes on Homes what a joke.


It’s already streaming on Discovery Plus. It’s like rebooted version of Fixer Upper. Joe is the new Chip Gaines.

Lol!! what a joke!!!


Just watched him looking at houses that clients are looking to put offers in on, then playing GC. I do believe NY does not allow doing work on a home that was inspected. I can see a lot of headaches in the future with the HGTV buyers.

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Had to switch to South Park because it was so bad….


We were hoping for more inspection given the show name, not a remodeling show. But, we will give it another chance next week. Though, viewership likes drama and remodeling, hence the plethora of design shows!

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As do flippers. No complaints here, helps keep me in business.


Welcome to our forum, Josh!..enjoy participating. :smile:



Got tired of him saying I’ll take a look at that…
Then again & again.
OK 10 min in I gave up & changed the channel.


We could turn that into a drinking game :beer:


Okay so now i’m getting emails from repairpricer.co

" Love him or hate him, we have to admit that HGTV’s new series Home Inspector Joe is going to have an impact on the way that buyers and agents view home inspections, and also what they EXPECT from a home inspector.

And while we can’t all start ripping walls apart during inspections, you’ll notice one thing Joe does after an inspection that is extremely important - he provides the buyers with estimates on what it’s going to cost to fix everything. Why? Because without this information it’s almost impossible for a buyer to make a decision about the home."

How do you all feel about providing price estimates? Especially considering we’re generalists, can’t be invasive, can’t verify commodity pricing on a dime, etc.

This to me is a worthless service unless I specifically am providing the service. I recently received bids for a roof that varied (for asphalt shingles) from 11k to 33k. So lets say we’re off by 20k…


I disagree that’s why I always recommend the buyer contact a qualified or a licensed contractor for repairs. Even though I’m a licensed plumbing contractor I feel it this is not my wheelhouse while performing home inspections.


And that is how much your client will sue you for :money_mouth_face:


I completely agree! Especially with price fluctuations lately. I mean imagine what it costs to replace an A/C in Minnesota in the late fall vs. a heatwave in the middle of summer. Prices vary so much it just seems like a disingenuous grab for “added value”.

Another “repair estimate”, a rotted support post I came across recently, well what if in the process of replacing this support, they find there to be no footing and the price triples? Or there is a a buried tank of hazardous material beneath the slab? ha. idk. Sure during the walk through I’ll say, hey on average this is what I’ve seen, but this is going to vary significantly depending on too many variables that I as the person who is NOT doing the work cannot predict.


Actually he provides customers with estimates of how much he will charge to fix everything. There is a definite conflict of interest there. He even has his own remodeler there to push the contractor angle along. Be interesting to know if there is an agent, bank or title company involved. You can present any phony scenario you want on TV and get people to believe it. I’m pretty sure this is all filmed after the purchase and the new buyer is enticed by getting a “deal” on their renovations. So the show is a fraud.


Good to know, I actually haven’t seen the show, just these stupid waste of my time emails.