Are CPI and state certifications required?

Hello to all!

I am a relatively new member to interNACHI, I’ve started my prerequisites, and i know my state (Illinois) has different requirements other than the CPI.
My question is, in order to be licenced properly, do i need to finish both the CPI and the state requirements in order to be 100% certified? or do i just have to complete the state requirements?


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InterNACHI Cerified and Illinois Home Inspector License are Two Separate qualifications.

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Hello to all.
I am a new member, I just completed the Home Inspector License classes too. I am based in Florida, what is still required. I was a Enforcement Inspector for the Department of Labor - South Africa for 18 years ( Electrical) Construction. I really enjoy Inspection especially compliance as to Code and Regulative. Which is compulsory for Florida ( FABI & NACHI) I find interNACHI very helpful and informative. Thank you all.

  • 120 hours from one approved training provider
  • Pass the NHIE, FABI, InterNACHI, or CI-HPI exam
  • Obtain liability insurance
  • Pass background check/fingerprinting

Go here for State requirements (by examination):

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Thank you Sir!

Can someone tell what is the difference between the NHIE, FABI, InterNACHI and CI-HPI test.