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New to this site. 'I’m a member and have just gotten through all of the prerequisites to mecome a CPI. I recieved and downloaded my certificate last night but while looking around on the website noticed there seem to be issues getting certified in NY state. Is it possible through this school? Or is NY state going to hold me up somehow?

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Ask . He’ll be able to help you.

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New York is a licensed state, certification is not enough.

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You must apply to New York State, Division of Licensing Services. Then, take and pass the exam. Then, you must submit your application, including proof of State required Liability Insurance, along with the application fee and School Module Certificates to the State. Will they accept the InterNACHI School? Good question. Not by my reading and understanding of the Home Inspector Training qualification requirements. For that answer I suggest you contact the Division of Licensing Services as well as Ben at InterNACHI.
Tom Valosin, NY State Licensed Inspector # 16000005194 and State approved Training and Continuing Education provider. (Note: I included my license number - why? It is considered by the State to be advertising and ALL advertising is supposed to have your license number.)

NY wants you to take your training in a classroom in NY State - so InterNACHI is not accepted for anything (good training and lots of information) but not what NY wants. Last I checked NY is requiring 100 hours of classroom training and 40 hours in the field.

Here is the link to NYS.