Are these doors and windows impact rated?

Did a Wind Mitigation inspection today and the guy said that the door and windows were impact rated. I took photos of the labels but I can not find any information that either are impact rated.

The sticker on the door seems to be for an energy star rating and the on on the widows shows an FBC approval but I couldn’t find anything about an impact rating.

Can one of you who see this stuff all the time (I almost never deal with impact rated doors or windows) tell me if I am missing something?

The sticker shown is wind rated only. Contact mfg and they will give you the code for their impact windows Marvin and Anderson impact windows and doors where not marked when they first started making them. Have to contact regional rep for documentation.

Thanks. At least I have a better idea of where to get the information.

Door sticker does not provide enough info for selection A or B (if non-glazed, it won’t matter anyway). Windows are NOT impact. FL approval number 10924 clearly shows that.

Here is the link to the product data from the Fl. product approval # provided. As you can see, they are not impact rated:

Thanks didn’t have that

Robert you have mail

Not impact :

Thanks guys for the help and the links. Based on what I had found, I thought that was the case but I couldn’t find anything definitive. Here in Orlando, shutters and impact doors and windows are not common.

You are correct. I just happened to glance at the FiLs garage doors when I was up there last weekend, not rated…with windows!