Wind Mit Window labels

I’m confused with the stickers I find on some windows, how do I use the information to look up if its impact rated, can anyone help me out with these labels.

From the wind mit course…

"Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are made from glazing that is impact-resistant, which usually includes an interlayer laminated between two sheets of glass. A tested window assembly includes the frame and installation method.

An option for required impact protection is the use of impact-resistant windows and doors. The entire assembly must be installed as tested and approved. This is not just a stronger piece of glass installed in a regular untested window frame. Such products are tested for impact, pressure, and cycle testing. Each of the components, including glazing, frame and installation hardware, is tested and approved.

Confirm the compliance of the window. Look at the inside of the window frames or at documents, such as MDC NOA. Impact-rated window units may be stamped on the corner of the glass.

If a label shows the window was tested under Miami-Dade Tests PA-201, 202 and 203, then this window was tested for impact, pressure, and pressure cycling. It is, therefore, an impact-rated unit that does not require the use of a shutter product in the Windborne Debris Region.

If a label shows that the window was tested under Miami-Dade Test PA-202, then this window was only pressure-tested, and while approved by Miami-Dade County, the approval documents would say that an impact-rated covering must be installed to meet the building code requirements. "

Yes I was reading that, but what confuses me is the label says its impact rated and it says its not impact rated, so I’m guessing the door is and the glass windows in the door are not

I would say…Yes!
If you can’t documented it …It don’t exist .