Imapct Rated?

These doors are solid steel, over 8’ tall, steel frame, steel doors, steel bars, welded heavy duty hinges, VERY heavy, but no stickers. The windows have this stamp (below), are these impact rated?

Probably, but not enough definitive information. Yes, it is laminated glass. Your call…

Glad it is not my call, this wasn’t a wind mit. Just curious if it was your call, what everyone thinks here.

Not rated unless it says so.

The glass stamp is not an approval.
Even if it was, there’s still nothing for the door.
I feel bad for my clients when it happens.

The door is definitely way more secure than any standard rated door we see on most inspections.

Yup, shame when you know it is but can’t call it when you don’t see any information. Better to be safe than sorry.

Thats is why we need the OIR completely torn down and re-built. They should be regulating the insurance companies and the form they “oir” produce.

Now the insurance companies tell them what to do. Hurts so many people.

My call would be at this time, no. My next call would be to the manufacturer, if I could obtain it at the inspection, to see what it is rated for.

I did an inspection on a home with doors very similar to that one. The clients had the permits as well as all the literature for them. I put pictures of that into the report.

Those doors are nice. Cost is well over the $10,000. But doesn’t make it impact rated. How close to the coast? Your in Collier County which the wind rating is 180mph if I am not mistaken.

Guessing about 8 miles to the coast.

Although they are laminated and the manufacturer makes mention of it having impact resistance they do not give any product approval. You will have to ask the homeowner for documentation or look for a permit

For $100 or usually much less, tel calls to anyone other than Mom and Dad to borrow money are way ouuuuuuut of the question!:stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I can see a big huge can of worms getting opened up when the next big storm hits FL. :frowning:

did you check the other side to see if that pane was LSG or laminated??
impact glass may have only 1 side that is laminated.

I don’t leave the house for anything less than 200…so not a problem! :mrgreen:

Strange thing is if you look at the stamp you can see the other side of the glass and both sides say tempered. I’ve actually never seen tempered glass that was impact rated. But if you look up the other items listed above tempered is the lamination made by DuPont and they do reference it having impact resistance although there are no product approval numbers anywhere to be found

I would go with “Fancy” yes
Impact rated, no

I believe there are two reflections of that stamp. I have never seen tempered glass that was laminated either, but there is laminated glass with heat strengthened glass. I would say one side is tempered and the other is laminated. That door may be a specialized/custom door with a local approval. Verification of impact resistant will only be accomplished with the approval docs or valid permit stating impact resistance.

There were labels on both sides, so yes my take is both sides laminated. The glass appeared to be very thick.