Wind mitigation question. Please help me understand how this label says the window is impact rated

How does this label on this window indicate that the wind is indeed impact rated for the Florida Wind Mitigation form. Are you only looking for the codes on the wind mitigation form or are there others that can qualify impact rated for the wind mitigation form?

Did you go down the InterNachi rabbit hole yet??

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Was just looking at that post, trying to go through it now and understand everything. I guess I am still confused on the label section of the wind mitigation. The course in my opinion didn’t cover it will enough or I am missing something big. I thought according to the label there was no discount on this label but the insurance company messaged me and told me that I am wrong.

That label does not prove impact rated, just wind resistance. First thing I do is tap on the glass to see if it sounds like a windshield.
If it does, then I look for either the ASTM 1886, 1996, or the 201,202,203 labels.

Or, look for the MDCA etching on the glass.

As JJ alluded to, there is alot of debate to this whole topic, and it is very confusing, so typically if I see the MDCA, I will label it as impact rated, and let the insurance decide by the pictures if they will accept it.

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Are you serious? Because… I submitted this as not impact rated or the X on the wind mitigation report. The insurance company kicked it back and said I was wrong by the information submitted. I then asked a senior inspector of another company if it was and he said “Oh that is rated and you are wrong”. I have been stressing out so much about this thinking how many I have done wrong if this is saying it is impact.

I do the same as you, starting with the tapping. I have tapped on the Impact windows and there is a considerable difference.

Do you have a pic of the rest of the label? Nothing in the pic shown has any significance.
Did it sound like impact? The insurance agent likely knows nothing about it, they are probably just saying that because they were told by the client.
Which is odd, because they typically want resounding proof, not less. If the agent is so sure, ask them to show you where the label indicates impact

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That’s a great idea to ask them why they think it is impact. Here is the rest of the label. When tapping it sounded nothing like the impact windows I have come across. It was brand new windows and the agency is Miami so they might be confusing that our windows in Marion County also have to be impact like theirs.

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Thank you.

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Without a label or rating (or engineering letter), etched glazing and labeled frame, there isn’t any verification to support compliance.

You can search for product approvals on this site:


So I talked with the other inspector again and asked why they thought it was impact rated. They are saying the (+50/-50) for pressure is rating it. I don’t think that is correct, am I correct in thinking that?

As far as I understand, that is the design pressure of the window, for air and moisture. Not for impact resistance.
If Impact, it would say ‘large missile’ or the building code numbers on the wind mit form.
Here is a test rating for a window explaining the pressure resistance
400 Series Windows & Patio Doors Performance Grade, Air Infiltration & Sound Transmission Ratings (

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See that is what I thought again, Sorry I am just needing reassurance. I never want to assume that I can not be wrong.

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All Glazed openings are protected at a minimum, with impact resistant coverings or products listed as wind borne debris protection devices in the product approval
system of the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County and meet the requirements of one of the following for “Cyclic Pressure
and Large Missile Impact"

AND one of these:

Miami-Dade County PA 201, 202, and 203
Florida Building Code Testing Application Standard (TAS) 201, 202, and 203
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E 1886 and ASTM E 1996
Southern Standards Technical Document (SSTD) 12
For Skylights Only: ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996
For Garage Doors Only: ANSI/DASMA 115


Bottom right of page 1 of that link says that the design pressure test is not a structural test

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Thank you sir, that is what I thought. I just needed the reassurance as I never want to assume I can not be wrong on something. I have 3 people telling me I am wrong on it so just wanted to double check.

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THANK YOU. I have been stressing so much since last night thinking I have been filling these out wrong for years.

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Understood! You dont want to be the guy that denies a major discount on the insurance if you were wrong. In this case, I wonder how many homes this other inspector has improperly rated?
When those homeowners get a new wind mit done, and their insurance rates go up, they will not be happy.
Hope he doesnt have insurance companies coming after him when his clients have catastrophic damage and they were rated for impact!

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The label you posted does not denote impact resistance.
There’s no selection on the form for I tapped on it or laser beam as proof.
It does give a wind pressure rating but that’s only half the proof.
Did you try to run a permit search that may say impact install?
Sen me the address & I’ll run a BuildFax search.

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I was really confused on the situation because the gentlemen I asked I think is very bright and he has been working construction and inspecting for a long time. Also from south Florida where they come across impact windows more often than I would. It could be that he just quick glanced my question and the situation. I had a hard time believing he could be wrong and why I started stressing what I was missing on this label.