Site-specific glazing approval

I did a wind mitigation inspection on a home in Boca Raton, FL (Palm Beach County). The only weak point seemed to be the front door glazing. The doors themselves are massive, heavy, mahogany (fortress-level), but there are no markings on the windows indicating hurricane approval. I thought this was odd, and when I looked up the permit (2010) it stated “Door/Entry Replacement without Glazing Protection - Complete”

However, the homeowner has the documentation from the installation, including the contractors request for a site-specific approval (granted), based on his analysis under 2007 Florida Building Code and ASCE 7-05.

The letter specifies +33.5 psf and -47 psf. The docs state “Doors and Glazing Have Met Requirements for Large Missile Impact Resistance; See Test Report CTLS-836W2” and references the “Substitution Criteria Specified in SSTD-12 Section 303.1.2”

I’ve attached the relevant sections of the docs.

I’m trying to figure out what boxes to check for this door on the Wind Mitigation form, as there is Large Missile 9-lb (A) but also Large Missile 4-8lb (B).


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