Garage door, wind mitigation

I found this garage door in a wind mitigation this morning, can some one tell me if it is large missile impact or not, I couldn’t find anything in the noa 00-0804.01

Thank you
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NOA is on file type it in the following format: 00-0804.01 (they wrote a dash at the end, its suppose to be a period.

Looks like a standard wind rated door, impact rated doors are solid core.

And where did you hear that one?

That door is large missile impact rated.



Would be a heavy a-s door :smiley:

I agree early impact rated. Not a ton around with 2 X 4’s but there are a few. Normally if it says Dade County approved they are impact rated. You can always look up the codes in the future or get serial number if you can find them and contact manufacturer.

It is one of the rare ones with wood that is rated. That drawing, 1275 is used in a lot of the Clopay doors.

Not sure about the door itself however, looking at the pictures there does not seem to be any center post and attachment of door track looks a little weak IMO.

The OIR does not care what you or we think. All they care about is the second photo :wink: