New York vs North Carolina

Great game. One of the best I have seen this year.

My boy from Memphis “DeAngelo Williams” had four touchdowns and sure looked good but Derick Ward ran just as good.

It was fun watching Arizona players see what snow looks like.
A few of the players admitted to never having seen it before.

I am also happy that the Vikings were nice enough to give the ball away 6 times and thus keep my Bears game Monday be meaningful.

Everybody see the end of the Eagles game?. 3 points total for them and an exciting end as I walked in (against the Skins).

Back to the first game mentioned…I am suprised at how well that Patriots quarterback is doing as a Rookie.

Hey this is where the NFL gets exciting.

Not too often the Seahawks play in snow up here. It was coming down hard during the game.

I just got a shoulder off the Weber and pulled it and made some margaritas for the game tonight.

Just came in ,but they are very cold out there.
I have been driving around with no blower all day, and we have minus wind chills.

This will be a low score game ,I predict.

Touchdown Packers as I open my big mouth Dam-

Bears fans ,you can turn the TV back on.
They tied it