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Missed it by that much…



Observation: Exterior.
Detached downspout.
Round Drop Down Out-Let - Rectangle Downspout Elbow.
Not fastened/secured.
No downspout extension on the lower roof. Roof water dispersed onto shingle. Location: First floor. Right side.
Downspouts too close to the building or other critical yard features.
Recommend: Exterior.
A licensed gutter installation and service contractor service the gutters and downspouts. Insure downspouts are securely fastened to gutters.
Insure downspout extensions be placed 6’ to 8’ feet away from the foundation, on the highest point of the lot in that area, to allow roof water to discharge downstream, away from the foundation, walkways, driveways, landing, curbs, and any other critical lot features.
Limitation: Exterior.
Images taken from the grounds.

I think the installer was using the cone of silence when being educated on gutter installations.
Cone of Silance

ha… (are we allowed to giggle?)


Go ahead. It was a brand new house. Home owner moved in 2 months ago.

even if they connect the top properly can You imagine the damage that lower termination is going to cause over the years…

I hope it snows soon, I wanna go back to see the icicles… This place is only a few blocks from my house, so quick trip…