Need help on licensed

I have done my ICA schooling, I have done my interNACHI training, I can not seem to find what else I have to do to licensed in Ohio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also can I do inspections, while working on getting my license?

If you are in a licensed state, you have to wait to charge for inspections until you have your license.

It would help if you let us know what state you are in.

Sorry I am in Ohio


When I click on the link it doesn’t tell me the steps to obtain my license, I guess that is what I am looking for

Also thank you for your help

Licensing in Ohio is currently not required to perform inspections.

It is coming very soon.

Your best bet is to call the State. Phone 614.466.4100
They are very helpful and will point you in the correct direction


I’m also in Ohio. I have called the phone number they have listed to find answers to my questions but no response.

My understanding is the deadline for grandfathering is over. Can anyone confirm?

If this IS the case why don’t they have a current application for licensing, the only one I can find anywhere appears to be the grandfathering one, where you have to qualify by 3 out of 8 qualifiers and sign an affidavit.

Anyone have a link to the new application that is not for grandfathering? Certainly has to be one since we were supposed to be licensed months ago?

Also petty theft charge from 1993. Does this disqualify me?

And is the requirement “a” national test" or “the” national test? I’m seeing different answers everywhere.

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Yes, grandfathering deadline expired back in November.

Things are in flux right now with the state due to the pandemic.

I’m not sure where to send you for an application except to the state.

The petty theft charge shouldn’t disqualify you, just be sure to be upfront about it. They do require a back ground check.

The requirement for the test, as far as I know, is the NHIE.

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Thank you Kevin!

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Welcome to our forum, Deborah!..Enjoy! :smiley:

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Hello! I am a guest here on this website, not yet a member.

I am located in NE Ohio, and am wondering if anyone knows a good inspection company that would take on a trainee looking to gain hours toward an eventual license.

I know it is not needed yet in Ohio, but know one day soon it will be needed, so I would rather start out on the path of being licensed.

I have applied and also reached out to a few different companies and individuals but to no avail. It seems to be an extreme uphill battle to get someone to take you under their wing to break Into the profession.

Any additional guidance on this piece would be great!


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Where are you located in Ohio, Taylor?

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Avon, Ohio!

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If you find anything about how to obtain the license to be a home inspector, please let us know. I’m in the same situation right now.

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