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Dear Real Estate Professionals,

Please see below for some important updates for licensees and stakeholders.

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The Division will continue to provide you updates and resources during this unforeseen time. Stay well and remember we are #InThisTogetherOhio.


Anne M. Petit

Anne M. Petit

Superintendent, Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing

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I’m in process of trying to figure out how to get my inspection license in Ohio? I have owned a remodeling company for over 10 years and been in home construction for over 20. Regardless,that information doesn’t help me obtain a license, I need a background check,take the test,send in application and then it gets confusing?It says 80 hours course work or equivalent but what online course are acceptable? Also,says to complete a peer review inspection but certified organization but again where is this acceptable by Ohio standards? Any help with this information would greatly be appreciated because I just seem to be circling around all this? Thank you

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Sean, if you have not already joined, you should join InterNachi. They offer the online courses you need for Ohio’s requirements. Through InterNACHI you can also do 5 mock inspections that will fulfill the Ohio peer review inspections.
The background test/fingerprints can be done at a number of places throughout Ohio. The locations are on Ohio’s application site. Since you are new and do not have the required 100 inspections, you can substitute that with taking the NHIE (National Home Inspector Exam). This is a proxied exam that you have to take at a testing center.
Please feel free to call me (my number is on my website) and I will be glad to help walk you thorugh the requirements.

Thank you very much Joseph. You are the first to try to clear up some of this. I don’t want to trouble you during your holiday but I was thinking I need to join regardless just to have resources and accreditation with Nachi

Call me anytime Sean. Yes, I recommend joining InterNACHI. Along with giving you the requirements for Ohio Licensing, it offers much more in the way of training and help.

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Here’s a link to the law as it’s currently written, keeping in mind the dates have changed and will continue to change. Grandfathering ended back in November do any anyone who is not now licensed will have to go through the full requirements.

Don’t forget you’ll also need E&O insurance.

Note: Not to step on your toes Joe, and I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge the state still hasn’t authorized any schools or inspection associations for education or continuing CEs for their inspection program, those looking to get licensed may want to call Columbus or send an them an email concerning this. I will say NACHI is an excellent source for education and I would think they will be one of the accepted education sources by the state whenever that time comes.

Hi Kevin,
I thought I read a post from Nick about Internachi courses being approved, but I can’t find it. As you suggested, it would be best to call them.