Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

Had an FYA Inspector identify the possibility of Interior Asbestos Ceiling Tiles in a house I Inspected recently, does anyone know how to positively identify them? Is there a test I need to do? And would they have to be removed, I would assume, in a special expensive way?

Lab test or original packaging.

What is FYA?

Check out the EPA site for handling ACM.

Dan, if you are referring to an FHA Appraiser that flagged possible ACM, the borrower will have to get an asbestos contractor to get the material tested. I don’t think HI’s are allowed to sample ACM. What was the reasoning for flagging the ceiling tiles anyway, pre-1978? The lender will need the report to clear it up or recommend abatement before closing.

Yea it was an FHA appraiser, is there any visual signs that it might be Asbestos? Thanks for the info Brad

Not really, the appraiser is just covering his arse. Were they drop in panels or interlocking 12x12’s? Maybe somebody else can jump in with info on whether an HI can send a sample to the lab or not.

Asbestos-containing adhesive was commonly used to help bond carpet, flooring and ceiling tiles in buildings built prior to the 1980s.
Many times I’ve seen the adhesive contain more asbestos that tiles.

They are 12x 12’s, I guess I’ll look into having them tested, anyone know of lab or company in the Tampa, St. Pete area that does it?..Thanks to all who helped.

Call EMSL and ask for a recommendation of a local company to collect the sample.

Thanks for all the good info.