Asbestos Course Question?

Has anyone taken this three day course on Asbestos? I’m planning on taking it and would appreciate any feed back.

Great info ! especially from a remediation point of view. Maybe more then you need to know from an inspection point of view.

Looks like a good course Mario. You’ll learn all you need to know in 3 days.


Check the disk you got with my course. Load the OSHA Asbestos Advisor and check it out. It’s on the disk.

I will, Thanks Joe!


Seems kind of rich!

At first glance I agree Doug, but considering its a three day course It really is not that costly.


Thanks for the greenie Won’t let me give one back



In Romania we have lots of asbestos, they even put it in the food! Why breath it when you can ingest it?

The “Romanian A$shole” has been identified as RAYMOND WAND OF CALEDON, ONTARIO, CANADA
He has been expelled from NACHI for ethics violations.
Here is the link to his website, you can all decide if you want a gooffy guy like this to inspect your next property.

Raymond Wand Home Inspection Service
Since 1991


Raymond Wand provides professional residential inspection services to buyers and sellers throughout Caledon, Wellington, Halton, Dufferin, and Peel Counties in Ontario, Canada.

As the principal inspector, Raymond has earned his reputation as a professional in the home inspection field by providing effective quality service. Raymond has conducted over two-thousand inspections for satisfied clients from Canada, including some of Canada’s top CEO’s, as well as corporate and private relocations for clients from the U.S.A., England, Germany, and France. The company has been operating full time locally since 1991. At RWHIS, business is derived exclusively from reputation, referrals and repeat clients.
Raymond has a background in building and property management as well as construction and repair. He has extensively renovated several of his own homes, including the historic 1849 stone-grist mill in Hillsburgh, Ontario. Currently he owns a picturesque, forty-acre farm located on Shaws Creek in Alton and has lived in the area for over 20 years,experience and local knowledge that have helped make RWHIS the preferred choice amongst astute clients.
It has often been said the quality of any company can best be judged by the quality of its people. Raymond will gladly be judged by the quality of his service.
It is your right to know about the condition of a property you are about to purchase.
Consider making a home inspection a pre-condition of your Offer To Purchase.
Alternatively if you are about to sell, consider a pre-listing inspection.
ETHICS [size=3]• Raymond does not give or solicit referral fees of any kind •
• Concentrating on one inspection at a time •
• Pride in the accuracy of each inspection •
• Prompt, courteous, honest, and reliable service •• Focus on quality not quantity •[/size] And I am always on time!

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My real name is Raymond Wand, from Home Inspection Services. I give Blow Jobs to any dissatisfied clients. I also offer baby sitting services [boy’s only] to all clients.

I have been expelled from NACHI, ASHI and OAHI for ethics violations. I serve on the Heritage Committee of the Town of Caledon [my days are numbered with the town] as of today. I pray that Mario doesn’t follow through with his promise and e-mail the committee. There is a women on the committee that I like, and she has a small child [a boy] and I’m hoping that they will live with me on my farm.

I would like to apologize to all NACHI members for my recent and past posts on this MB.
I promise it will not happen again. Please forgive me.


Raymond Wand

Raymond Wand Home Inspection Service
Since 1991


Are you still angry for bing kicked out of NACHI?

I am surprised!

I thought that little people AKA… :|.) [size=4]Midgets / Dwarfs:|.) like you were supposed to be HAPPY people no matter what! [/size]